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Premier Clinic Doctor Lasered Visitors During Event

live testimonial by dr vanessa 03

Last Sunday, on 6th of January 2019, our TTDI Branch had held an event on Pico Laser. Around 15 attendees attended the event and our Doctor Vanessa gave them a taste of Pico Laser for those who would like to try.

Pico Laser TTDI Event Premier Clinic

We started the event with a 5-minutes of foreword from our founder, Dr Chen Tai Ho. He thanked the audience for the support they gave us all these while. Because of the dedication of our staffs and support from our clients, we are able to branch out to 6 locations now namely TTDI, Bangsar, Puchong, KL City, Mont Kiara, and Cheras. Our plan is to expand further in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor to serve more clients in the nearest future.

pico laser talk by dr vanessa

live testimonial by dr vanessa 01

Next, we had a talk led by the beautiful Dr Vanessa Liew explaining about the biological structure of human skin and how laser treatments can help lessen the effects of acne scars, pigmentation and tattoo ink. Pico laser, which is the latest technology (and arguably the best) shoots up to 1000 times faster per seconds compared to normal lasers like Nd:YAG or Q-Switch. It delivers better results in shorter amount of time, without side effects nor downtime. Sounds good, eh?

After the talk, we had 2 LIVE TESTIMONIALS for tattoo removal and pigmentation removal. Tattoo Removal, our own Hannah Yeoh shared her experience of reducing her tattoo ink. Her transformation is remarkable even after 1 session and we are glad that we are able to show our audience that. Our next live testimonial is Ms. Jia Shin Lee, who had problem with her pigmentations on her face after her delivery. Ms Jia Shin underwent the treatment about 2 weeks before and have made positive improvement on her skin.

Pico Laser 02 Before After

Pico Laser 02 Before After

Then, our attendees moved to treatment room to experience first-hand Pico laser procedure being done to our volunteers. Our first volunteer for tattoo removal was Mr. Tharmaraj who has had his tattoo for 20 years. After the treatment was done, the audience can see the effects of Pico laser to the skin. Then, we moved to our Ms Jia Shin for another round of Pico laser treatment for pigmentation. There, we can see more apparent result of Pico laser being done on her pigmentation. Lastly, we had Mr. Dean Arrazi doing Pico laser on his upper arm – a pigmentation as effect from his recent beach trip. Dr Vanessa also gave everyone a try to ‘have a taste’ of Pico laser on their arms.

Pico Laser Event @ Premier Clinic TTDI

Afterwards, we had a short afternoon break, and the attendees rushed over to Dr Vanessa and Dr Chan to have a short consultation on their skin problems. We ended the day with a lucky draw worth RM18,600 and our attendees went home happily.

If you have missed on our event, wipe off your tears. We will have other events coming up, with lot more prizes to be won. If you have any concerns on pigmentations or tattoo, kindly reach out to us so we can help you.

We can be reached at 012-662-5552 (Whatsapp or Call) or email us at contactus@premier-clinic.com. We are available throughout the year from 8am to 12 midnight daily so please don’t shy away from giving us a call!

Look forward to see you soon.

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