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Permanent Laser Hair Removal Demo Day

Hair today, gone tomorrow they say. Well, not exactly gone tomorrow as several sessions of hair removal laser is necessary to permanently reduce unwanted hair growth.

Premier Clinic knows that many ladies and an increasing number of men out there are tired of shaving, waxing and tweezing their unwanted hair. Wouldn’t it be time and cost saving to finally get rid of those unwanted hair for once? And not to mention the inconvenience and even pain of do-it-yourself hair removal at home.

Dr Aarthi Maria, Dr Elaine Chong and Dr Kee Yong Seng can certainly testify to the popularity of hair removal via lasers such as the Long Pulse Nd:YAG beams produced by laser machines such as the Fotona Spectro and the Candela GentleYAG. Both of these cutting-edge machines work by destroying hair follicles, which are the roots which grow hair.

Hair grows in stages and the lasers can only work on hair in the actively-growing stage. Since at any one time, some of the hair would be in the resting stage where the lasers have no effect, it would be necessary to get several laser several sessions of laser done, once a month. This is to catch the hair follicle when it goes into the growing stage.

Hair removal lasers are thankfully not painful and gives no downtime. So you can have your hair permanently zapped away but still sashay away at your gym dance class or attend a romantic dinner on the very same night as your laser session.










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