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Weight Loss Medicines

Weight Loss & Fat Loss

Weight loss medicines are prescription drugs that are usually used as an alternative treatment for individuals who struggle to lose weight through traditional methods. The inability to shed the pounds via dieting or exercise may prove harmful in the long run, especially for those who have health problems because of their weight. Your medical history and body mass index will be taken into consideration before any weight loss medicine is prescribed to you.

Types of Weight Loss Medicine


This is a common weight loss pill and is available globally; it is also approved by the Food and Drug Authority (FDA).

The drug works by reducing your appetite, which in turn reduces cravings which means you will be eating less. This is accomplished by releasing a chemical into the brain to control the appetite, which helps to control binge eating or overeating during meals.*



Composed from natural ingredients using a non-drug formula, there are no documented harmful side effects and is generally regarded as a safe drug for long-term use. The drug is the only fat burner containing Xanitrol™, a patented compound made up of bio-actives from the extracts of common food sources. Burning stored body fat, while preventing excessive storage of fat, it also helps to reduce stress caused by dieting while maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.*


The ingredient Xanitrol™ can be found in Zenoctil™ and is a compound of essential bio-actives sourced naturally. The product of decades of research and development, the natural ingredients used specifically helps to burn fat synergistically as well as blocking fat. In short, the compound Xanitrol™ is used to promote fat loss.



Used for weight management, Liposinol™ is a range of fat binding products which help to treat as well as to prevent obesity. It is made with Litramine®, a natural fibre complex which binds some of your dietary fats. Fully derived from the natural, dehydrated leaves of a cactus, it is not considered a drug. It is used as a weight management medicine due to its ability to chemically bind fats without the need for pharmacological actions, and since there are no known harmful side effects associated with its use.

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