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Stem Cells for Anti-Ageing Therapy


Ageing is the complex process of becoming older. Over time, humans experience physical, psychological and social changes. As cells age, they become gradually damaged and finally die. New stem cells potentially slow down or reverse this process.

Stem cells are the origin of life, the building blocks of our bodies. The medical public has focused their attention on stem cells because of their ability for self-renewal, differentiation and targeting. Thus, they are ideal for anti-ageing treatments.

Stem cells have the capacity for self-renewal because they have the ability to replicate indefinitely. They can go through many cycles of cell division while still able to maintain their undifferentiated state.

Stem cells are multipotent – they have the ability of differentiation, where they can grow and develop into different cell types. This special ability makes them unique compared to all the other cell types in the body.

Body Cell Renewal Treatment

Stem cells have a special ability for targeting – the ability to detect and resolve problems in our body. An inflamed area or damaged cells will send a signal. Once stem cells receive this signal, they will mobilize to the location of injury or damage and activate the natural repair mechanism. When this mechanism is activated, the stem cells will be able to transform themselves into cells that are needed to replace the injured or damaged tissue and organs.

Stem cells provide new cells to replace the old, dying and damaged ones every day. For the maintenance of youthfulness and optimum good health, one must receive enough stem cells – tens to hundreds of millions of stem cells, to be precise.

Celebre Placenta Sheep Treatment Demonstration

Celebre Placenta Sheep Treatment Demonstration

In the natural progression of life, it is not possible to obtain this huge number of stem cells in one’s body. Thus, the human body ages over time. In order to obtain enough stem cells to potentially stop or even reverse ageing, the stem cells are expanded in a clean and sterile cleanroom before injecting back to the patient. In this way, the same consistent stem cell quantity and quality can be guaranteed each day.

Studies have yielded successful results that show the superior regenerative capability of stem cells and ability to target specific cells and regenerate cells in the body. Thus, it enables our cells to be healthier and more energetic.

health benefit ater stem cell therapy

The benefits of stem cells can be summarised as follows:

• Able to differentiate into desired cell types for the purpose of renewal to repair and restore injured/damaged tissues.
• Helps the body recover from disease through cellular regeneration.
• Reliable in the treatment of many illnesses and injuries.
• Able to help reduce the treatment durations for injuries and diseases that might be prolonged.
• Can help to stop or reverse the effect of aging in the overall human body system.
• Research has shown stem cell therapy to be safe, ethical and effective.
• Helps people to regain strength and wellness in order to improve their quality of life.

After successful stem cell therapy, where cells are replenishment, and organs are rejuvenated and renewed, the positive benefits may include:

• Feeling of increased energy
• Improvement in the capacity for physical activities
• Improvement in the quality of hair and thickening
• Improvement in renal function
• Decrease in the fasting blood sugars
• Improvement in libido

Stem Cell Treatments are available at Premier Clinic:
Age Spots / Hyperpigmentation Therapy
Improve Skin Textures & Minimize Pores
Premature Aging Therapy
Skin Lightening Treatment
Stem Cell Hair Therapy


Anti Ance Before After

Anti Ance Before After

Anti Ance Before After

Anti Ance Before After

Anti Ance Before After

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