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Skin Peel for Acne


Affecting the majority of individuals aged between 11 and 30 at least once, acne occurs when skin pores are blocked by a build-up of oil. These pores are connected through follicles to oil glands that secrete sebum, a liquid that naturally gets rid of dead skin cells by bringing them through the follicles. When the pores get blocked, this causes the development and growth of pimples.

Younger men are more at risk of developing acne due to the higher levels of testosterone in the body which exacerbates the condition, but anyone can be affected by it at any time during their adult life.


Also known as chemical peel, skin peel is recommended for both men and women and is suitable for all ages. It is typically used to remove the top layers of the skin, and is done by applying a peeling solution to the skin, which can lead to your skin starting to peel off naturally. This aids in the removal of any dead skin cells on the surface and reveals a fresh layer of skin, which is generally smoother and healthier than previous layers.

Premier Clinic uses a trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peel, which is one of the original peels used for skin rejuvenation. Other types of peels are also used depending on the condition of your skin and this will be pre-determined by your doctor after an initial consultation.

You should experience a burning sensation during the initial application; this is the solution taking effect on your skin. During this period, a device over your face will blow out cool air, considerably reducing the sting and cold compresses will be applied upon completion to help with the cooling.

The strength of the peel and its effects can also be increased by applying several layers of the chosen solution but this also depends on your skin type, situation and desired outcome. Regardless of the type of peel, you should notice an improvement after each session.


Most individuals are recommended a cycle of 2-4 peels but this is dependent on the patient’s condition as well as the intended results. Do consult your doctor in order to determine a suitable number of sessions for optimal results. Each session should be spaced 4 weeks apart. You should also minimise any sun exposure and apply sunscreen lotion. Use a moisturiser at least twice a day.

Skin Peel


get rid of STUBBORN ACNE problem

get rid of STUBBORN ACNE problem

get rid of STUBBORN ACNE problem

get rid of STUBBORN ACNE problem