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Skin Peel for Age Spots

peel away your age spots


Age spots occur when the skin produces melanin to protect itself from harmful UV rays, often during overexposure to the sun. The melanin production is focused in a series of small spots which lead to the development of black, grey or brown spots across the skin.

This same instance of rapid melanin production may also lead to hyperpigmentation, which occur when the melanin is concentrated in a small patch of skin instead of a group of spots, and is usually darker in colour.



Recommended for both men and women, skin peel is suitable for all ages and is sometimes known as chemical peel. It aims to aid in the removal of the top layer of the skin to reveal a fresh, healthier layer underneath and a peeling solution helps to trigger the natural peeling of the layer above. This helps to get rid of the dead skin cells while the new layer of skin will be smoother than the previous one.

Premier Clinic uses a trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peel, which is one of the original peels used for skin rejuvenation. Depending on your condition, there are other types of peels available and this will be discussed with you during the initial consultation.

During the application, you should feel a burning sensation – this is the effect of the solution on your skin. Cool air will be blown onto your face by a device overhead which should reduce the sting, and upon completion, cold compresses will be applied to your skin to aid the cooling process.

The intensity of the peel and subsequent effects can also be increased by applying several layers but it is also dependent on your skin type and desired outcome. Any improvements should still be noticeable after each session regardless of the type of peel used.

Chemical Skin Peel – Simply Peel Off Signs Of Aging


2-4 peels are recommended for a single cycle but this is variable depending on the patient’s condition and the desired outcome. Your doctor will recommend a suitable number of peels in order to obtain optimal results, with each session spaced 4 weeks apart. You should also minimise any sun exposure and apply sunscreen lotion. Use a moisturiser at least twice a day.

Demonstrate the skin peel procedure


Skin Peel before and after

Skin Peel before and after

Skin Peel before and after

Skin Peel before and after

skin peel treatment for age spots