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Reduce Wrinkles & Fine Lines with Radiesse Filller

Radiesse Filller Premier Clinic


Radiesse is a face filler that adds volume under the skin. The treatment results are both immediate and long lasting. This is because Radiesse provides continual benefits by stimulating your body to produce its own natural collagen over time. The results are natural-looking and have been shown to last a year or more in many patients.

Approved by the FDA in 2006, the filler has been used to treat patients in more than 57 countries.

Radiesse Filller Reduce Wrinkles


Natural collagen gives the skin a smooth, supple, youthful appearance. When people age, they lose their collagen, resulting in wrinkles and loss of facial volume. This will lead to folds and wrinkles to form on particular spots on the face. A volumizing filler, Radiesse offers an instant lift, and smooths out the signs of aging for a more natural-looking, youthful appearance that lasts.

Radiesse filler is a wrinkle treatment that is able to refresh your look after just one treatment. Facial folds and wrinkles are immediately corrected. This filler is unique because it also stimulates natural collagen production. This will extend the initial effects of Radiesse for a year or more.

Why Radiesse Reduce Wrinkles


Radiesse is made of Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres suspended in an aqueous gel carrier. It provides immediate volume and correction but continues to work by stimulating the body to produce its own natural collagen.

After the treatment, the gel is slowly absorbed by the body, and the CaHA microspheres are metabolized, leaving behind only your own natural collagen.

Firstly, makeup is removed, if applicable, and the area is cleaned with an antiseptic solution. Then, a topical numbing cream is normally applied and a local anaesthetic is given before the treatment begins. This helps to minimize any discomfort. Radiesse will then be injected into the skin. During the procedure, a chiller will be used to help reduce post treatment side effects. A session usually takes 30-60 minutes. Results are immediate.

How Radiesse Fillers Work

How Radiesse Fillers Work

How Radiesse Fillers Work


Radiesse is a volumizing filler that can provide an instant lift, filling deeper wrinkles and folds immediately, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

Post treatment, Radiesse continues to work with your body, stimulating the natural production of collagen. In many patients, this refreshed look can last up to a year or more.

Radiesse filler is suitable for correcting smile lines (running from the sides of the nose to the corners), marionette lines (beginning at the corners of the mouth, extending down toward the chin), the corners of the mouth, pre-jowls, and chin wrinkle lines.

Radiesse Filller Before After Premier Clinic 04

Radiesse Filller Before After Premier Clinic 04

Radiesse Filller Before After Premier Clinic 04

Radiesse Filller Before After Premier Clinic 04


After the treatment, avoid hot bathing and vigorous exercise for 24 hours. In addition, avoid over-exposure to the sun and UV light for 1 week after the treatment.

Normally, the volumising effects of Radiesse last a year or more. However, results may vary according to each individual.


Approved by the FDA since 2006, injections of the substances contained in Radiesse do not cause chronic inflammatory or immune responses. Thus, allergy testing is not required prior to injection.

Radiesse is a quick in-office procedure which can be completed in about 30 minutes. Because little to no downtime is required, patients can usually resume their regular daily activities after the treatment.
Possible side effects include mild irritation, bruising, swelling, itching and tenderness at the injection sites. Usually, these signs and symptoms will disappear within 2 weeks. If there is swelling, ice can be applied for a few minutes at a time to the affected area. Wrap the ice in a cloth and avoid placing the ice directly on your skin.

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