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Vaginal PRP Treatment

Vaginal PRP Treatment

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment is a technique that has long been used to repair and heal skin tissue damage, as it stimulates tissue growth. In recent years, PRP treatment has been used successfully and with encouraging results for vaginal rejuvenation. Since platelets contain growth factors that have healing properties, it can be used to help strengthen and regenerate vaginal tissue. Another benefit of the treatment is the increase of blood flow to the area as well as lubrication.

Platelet-Rich plasma


Although vaginal PRP is used to treat urinary incontinence and overactive bladders, it is also quickly becoming a popular method for sexual dysfunction treatment. All of these are problems that are commonly faced by women of all ages.

The vaginal PRP procedure is done by injecting plasma rich in platelets into the clitoris or the upper wall of the vagina, which helps to increase the rate of collagen and elastin production. Both of these are natural proteins produced by the body to help with repair and rejuvenation, with the vaginal PRP treatment simply acting as a catalyst for its production.

Vaginal PRP Treatment

Your own blood will be drawn by your doctor, with the blood then put into a centrifuge to separate the platelet rich plasma from the blood cells. This plasma is then reinjected into the outlined treatment areas in the clitoris or the vagina to start the vaginal rejuvenation process. All in all, the vaginal PRP treatment should last for about 20 minutes, making it a procedure that even very busy individuals can make time for.


After the first session is completed, you should start noticing the results of the vaginal rejuvenation treatment. Improvements should also be continually noted throughout the next year or so as the healing process is gradual, and the mucosal skin should become thicker and tighter. However, the results of PRP treatment can be varied among different individuals, so it is important to discuss all the probabilities and possible outcomes with your doctor during the consultation session.

It is recommended that you get a top-up treatment after 12 months have passed as the results do not last forever. Your doctor will also be on hand to advise and guide you accordingly if another session is suitable for you. All details of your case will be kept strictly confidential and Premier Clinic guarantees your absolute privacy during the treatment process.


Vaginal PRP Treatment Before After

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