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P-Shot for Male Enhancement

Platelet rich penile therapy, also known as PRP therapy or Priapus shot is one of Premier Clinic’s latest male enhancement treatments, and is named after a Greek male god of fertility. Despite what most people believe, this penis enhancement treatment is not meant to increase penis size, but rather to enhance sexual sensations and improve erections, leading to a better quality sex life. Apart from this, it can also be used to treat erectile dysfunction, which is a problem that is actually fairly common among men.

If you feel like your sex life has taken a dip, it might not be the worst idea to look up potential procedures to help bring it back to a high level. This penis PRP treatment is just one of several potential treatments that can help to tackle this problem.

Platelet-Rich plasma


P-shots help to increase the blood circulation around the penis area, which leads to higher sensitivity in the genitalia and firmer, improved erections. Since there is an increase of blood flow to the penis, the firmer erections can help to greatly boost the sexual experiences. The process works by utilising platelet rich plasma from your body to help catalyse the increase in production of newer stem cells and growth factors in the penis, kick-starting the rejuvenation process.

Although the prospect of a Priapus shot injection in the penis might be a bit scary for some, there is actually little pain or discomfort associated with this penis enhancement treatment. It takes about 15 minutes to an hour to complete the procedure, meaning that its relative swiftness allows even those with busy working schedules to drop by for a quick appointment over lunch.

The outlined treatment area for the penis enhancement injection will be numbed before the procedure begins, which ensures your comfort during the treatment process.


Platelet rich penile therapy demonstration

P-Shots Procedure demonstration

Penis PRP Procedure demonstration

P-Shots Procedure demonstration


After the p-shot treatment is complete, results should start becoming noticeable after a week or so, but it can take longer in select cases. This will be one of the discussion points during the first consultation session, as the Priapus shot penis enhancement results can vary depending on the individual. You will also discuss with your doctor how long you should abstain from sexual activity as this period of time may be different from others.

Not only should your libido be much improved, there should be a noticeable increase in sensation in the penis as mentioned earlier, which leads to sex becoming more pleasurable. In addition, this improvement in your sex life thanks to better performance can also give your self-confidence a boost. All these positive factors highlight how they are all linked with one another, demonstrating the potential for male enhancement treatments to make a big difference in your life. If you opted for the p-shot treatment to address erectile dysfunction, you should also notice erections becoming much firmer after treatment.

If you would like to schedule a consultation session, please feel free to call, SMS or WhatsApp us at +6012-662-5552 (reachable 7 days a week from 8am to 12 midnight). Alternatively, you can also email us at contactus@premier-clinic.com. Our team of doctors are friendly and very experienced, and will be happy to discuss the benefits and effects of the penis PRP male enhancement treatment with you.