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I-Grow Laser For Home Use



The average person sheds between 50-100 hairs daily, but this is a small amount and is not noticeable. However, some individuals suffer from excessive hair loss and balding, known as alopecia and this leaves large bald patches on the scalp which can appear unsightly.


The I-Grow Laser is an advanced helmet which utilises laser technology to aid the regrowth of hair. Using Low Level Laser Light (LLLL), the helmet beams 51 red laser and LED lights to strengthen and reenergise the cells that make up your hair follicles. It is a hands-free device that is non-invasive, and can be used in the convenience of your own home without the need for supervision.

There are no known side effects from the use of this device, and it also comes with headphones so you can enjoy your favourite music while relaxing during the treatment. It is easy to use as all you need to do is wear the helmet for 25 minutes once every 2 days, for a period of 4-6 months. This may vary depending on the condition of your scalp, and it is advisable to consult your doctor for a recommended treatment cycle using this device for optimum results.


You may be a suitable candidate for this product if you have:

1. Transitional Hair Loss

Most individuals tend not to notice hair loss until it affects a significant portion of their scalp. If you notice thinning on the crown or a hair line that is seemingly receding, consult a doctor to ensure that it is not cause by a medical condition. If the hair loss is natural, this product can be used to combat the effects before it becomes noticeable.

2. Generic Pre-Disposition to Hair Loss:

For many people, hair loss is a genetic condition which runs through the family. A proactive stance is required in order to retain your head of hair. If used according to instructions, the I-Grow Laser can reduce the effects of hair thinning or loss before it becomes a full-blown problem. It is recommended that you begin using this product before you even notice hair loss to avoid this situation entirely.