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Derma Veil

Derma Veil is an injectable product which stimulates collagen formation. It is designed to diminish skin damage due to the aging process, sickness and/or sun exposure. Derma Veil improves the flexibility and hydration of the skin, restoring its volume and diminishing the imperfections of the outer skin, such as wrinkles and scars.

Derma Veil is lyophilised low viscosity, non-toxic, bioabsorbable and biodegradable tissue reconstructive material used in the reinforcement of skin and other soft tissue, typically by serving as a space-occupying supplement for the inter-cellular matrix of connective tissue.

Derma Veil is an injectable single use medical device incorporated as a hydrophilic matrix. The active principle is composed of glycolic acid (GA) bound to the polymeric column of polylactic acid (PLA) both of which are homogeneously dispersed throughout and their rate of release is controlled by diffusion, prolonging a sustained repairing action through the slow dissolution of the compound.

Derma Veil is immunologically inactive, bio-compatible and absorbable and is degraded by hydrolysis. The degradation begins first by water diffusion in the material, initially at the more amorphous zones, followed by hydrolysis, material fragmentation and finally, a more extensive hydrolysis along with phagocytosis, diffusion and metabolization. Elimination occurs primarily through the respiratory tract.

Derma Veil is a device to treat skin damage due to the aging process, sickness and/or the effects of the environment. It requires a minimum of two sessions separated by 3 weeks and in some cases a fourth or fifth session may be needed.

The product is incorporated as a hydrophillic matrix composed of Glycolic and Polylactic acids, and both are immunological inert, biocompatible, absorbable and degrade by hydrolysis.

The combined effects of the acid distends the cutaneous tegument restoring volume to depressed areas, effacing wrinkles, creases and mild scars and improving hydration and flexibility to the skin.

Derma Veil stimulates collagen growth to restore volume and youth

Derma Veil Injection demonstration


Derma Veil before after

Derma Veil before after

Derma Veil before after

Derma Veil before after

Derma Veil before after