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Carbon Laser Peel for Skin Whitening


A lighter skin tone is one of the most sought after features for many individuals, especially among Asians. Whether for personal or professional reasons, the desired outcome is still a fresh layer of skin with a lighter tone.

As the carbon laser peel is a treatment that triggers the generation of new skin cells, these will naturally be much fairer and healthier than the old cells. Your skin will also be more hydrated as it now has the ability to retain enough moisture, giving it a vibrant glow. This results in a natural whitening effect which reveals itself in a fairer skin tone.

The treatment is a fairly new laser resurfacing treatment that harnesses the power of laser beams to address various skin imperfections. By enhancing the radiance of the skin, it simultaneously produces a smooth, fresh layer of lighter skin underneath the old layer.

Carbon Laser Peel Procedure Demonstration

Carbon Laser Peel Procedure Demonstration

Carbon Laser Peel Procedure Demonstration

A thin layer of carbon will be used to cover the desired treatment area, before a laser beam is focused on the skin. During the treatment, a clicking sound will be produced and the laser beam will absorbed due to the dark nature of the carbon particles. After this, a vacuum gently sucks up these particles and also removes the old layer of skin on the surface.

This will generate thermal energy which stimulates the skin, increasing its production of new collagen as well as new skin cells. Because of this, the connective tissue will grow at a much faster rate, while the carbon particles exfoliate the skin which removes any impurities within the pores.

No pain or discomfort will be experienced, and you will only feel a minor sensation that is likened to pins and needles. As the treatment is versatile, carbon laser peel is also suitable for areas that are harder to treat such as the nose.


You may resume your daily routine immediately after treatment as no downtime is required, while you should also notice an improvement in your skin tone after the first session.

Depending on your skin and the desired result, the number of treatments required may vary. Our doctors will discuss and guide you accordingly, while it may also be advisable to combine this treatment with other skin products to enhance the whitening effect.


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