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Dr Michelle Lai



Dr Michelle Lai is one of our most senior doctors in Premier Clinic. She is an expert in fat transfer procedures, double suturing technique, facial augmentation and laser treatments. Her interests in aesthetics also include aesthetic & sexual health (penis enlargement, vaginal tightening laser), bioidentical hormone replacement and functional medicine.

Dr Michelle is now stationed at our Puchong branch, responsible of almost 30 patients per week. She led a team of over 8 staffs to provide an excellent service in Puchong area and adjacent.

Her casual presence and witty sense of humour calm her clients and put a smile on their face before a procedure. As a senior doctor, her skills and experiences thrive and proven with a high satisfaction rate from our patients. Dr Michelle has also gathered a myriad number of followers who opt specifically for her to do their medical treatments.

All of the wit and galvanizing classical glam earned her place as one of the dearest member of Premier Clinic family.


Dr Michelle started her journey in aesthetic medicine by earning her Medical Degree (MD) from the Crimea State Medical University. Her determination and hard work asserted her to graduate with flying colours before pursuing her Diploma in Dermatology in Bangkok, Thailand. Her extended study in dermatology elucidated her knowledge in different types of skin which gives her an extra edge especially in a cultural melting bowl such as in Malaysia. She discerns different types of skin conditions and how to treat them under her care.

Her salient passion in aesthetic compelled her to continue her study by getting the Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine in American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, United States of America. Her hunger for knowledge engendered her to continue by getting a Postgraduate Certificate in Dermatology from Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia.

Dr Michelle Lai is a credentialed LCP (license of credential practising) in aesthetic granted by Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH).

With all the trainings and education she underwent, it is without a doubt Dr Michelle is one of our more experienced doctor onboard. Overall, Dr Michelle Lai has over 9 long years of experiences in medical and aesthetic practices.


To date, Dr Michelle is a proud member of Malaysian Medical Council (MMC), American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM), Academy of Family Physicians Malaysia (AFPM), and MPCN. Premier Clinic encourages our doctor to contribute to the development of medical industry in Malaysia. We often take part in talks, seminars and conferences being held by these associations to update our knowledge and support the industrial ecosystem of medical practices.


During her free time, Dr Michelle will take this opportunity to travel with her husband and 2 children. “For me, travelling is a good way to spend valuable time with my family. Especially when my kids are so young, I take this opportunity to show them around.”

When she’s not busy doing procedures and raising 2 kids, she enjoys working out – a testament to her fit physique. She often goes for cycling, and diving. “People often thought aesthetic procedures as a ‘shortcut’ to looking beautiful, but they forgot internal health is a key factor to it. Aesthetic procedures is just a kick-starter or stepping stone to the next phase.”

“I love aesthetic industry as it allows me into other people life, understand the root of their problems and help them regain the confidence. If I can help put a smile on 1 person a day, I’m already happy!” says Dr Michelle.

If you’d like to meet Dr Michelle for a consultation, please reach out to our friendly customer service representatives at 012-662-5552 (Whatsapp/Call) or email us at contactus@premier-clinic.com. We are available daily from 8am to 12am (midnight) everyday.