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Dr Joycelyn Loh



Dr Joycelyn Loh is part of our Premier Clinic doctors group, specialising in aesthetic lasers, non-invasive facial augmentation, wellness and body sculpting. Most of the time, she is stationed in TTDI and Bangsar, responsible in taking care of over 23 Premier Clinic patients per week.

Dr Joycelyn is very experienced in doing facial augmentation treatments such as filler, Botulinum Toxins, facial laser, and anti-aging procedures. Her dazzling personality equipped with her undeniable talent in performing procedures have quickly gathered the interest of our loyal customers. Her procedures are often quick but yet very meticulously done, thus rated excellently by our patients.


Dr Joycelyn earned her Degree in Medicine from AIMST University where she graduated with Honours at such a young age. This accomplishment allows her to gain more experienced working hands-on with real patients in real condition.

Centred by her passion in aesthetic practices, she then pursued her studies in aesthetic medicine in Malaysian Aesthetic Certification (MAC). Throughout her career, she strengthened her advanced knowledge in aesthetic medicine by attending Allergan Medical Institute Course 2018 and Merz Aesthetics Course 2018. Allergen and Merz are two of the biggest multinational pharmaceutical conglomerates globally and they selectively invite doctors to attend their courses.

Dr Joycelyn believes in continuous learning processes. We actively send our doctors to attend trainings and workshop to update their knowledge on the current market and new aesthetic treatments, and Dr Joycelyn never missed this opportunity to learn. She is a real advocate of knowledge and we are blessed to have her within our midst.


Dr Joycelyn’s interest in aesthetic practices started at a young age. Growing up, she was always fascinated with everything beautiful and neat, and how one’s appearance can change people’s perceptions of who they are.

Confidence are often related to one’s image, and Dr Joycelyn believes that inner beauty can be brought to the outer appearance. “I love to bring out the confidence in patients and improve their live quality”.

She also described aesthetic industry as an ever-growing, dynamically changing environment. “There’s always new things to learn, new ways to do things. You never actually stop learning.”


Whenever she is blessed of the luxury of free time, Dr Joycelyn enjoys physical activities such as swimming, badminton, and working out in gym. “It keeps me fit and is actually a stress-releasing therapy for me. Always important to keep yourself composed and stress-free,” said Dr Joycelyn. This is understandable looking at her tight schedule and the amount of work as a doctor.

Besides that, whenever she feels homely, she prefers watching movies and dramas, where she can extract the movie characters’ life principles and relating it to her own. “I also take this opportunity to study facial aesthetics of actors and actresses,” said Dr Joycelyn.

If you would like to arrange a consultation session with Dr Joycelyn, feel welcomed to drop an inquiry at 012-662-5552 (Whatsapp/Call) or email at contactus@premier-clinic.com. Our friendly customer service representatives are available throughout the year from 8am to 12 midnight everyday.