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Dr Jaswine Chew Sze Huey



Our own Dr Jaswine Chew Sze Huey is an experienced aesthetic medicine practitioner. Her main area of interests are facial rejuvenation (lasers, fillers, Botulinum Toxins), body contouring (slimming, breast enhancement, vaginal rejuvenation), regenerative medicine (stem cell, peptides), and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

Currently, Dr Jaswine is operating in our Bangsar branch, responsible for at least 25 patients weekly.  Dr Jaswine is an expert in anti-aging solution where she has helped realising the dreams of hundreds of our patients to preserve their good look and enhance their outer appearances.

Her patients often described Dr Jaswine as a friendly, bubbly personality with vast area of knowledge in aesthetic treatments. Dr Jaswine never shy away from imparting her knowledge to her patients, giving them more understanding about the treatments before they sign up. Dr Jaswine’s honesty and charming personality wins over her patients, and it reflects positively on her customer satisfaction rate.


Dr Jaswine started her journey by obtaining her Medical Degree (MD) in Kursk State Medical University in Russia in the year 2010. Living far from her Kuala Lumpur hometown, she determined to graduate with flying colours.

After her delightful graduation, she continued her housemanship in Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun, Ipoh. Here she was exposed with a lot of hands-on conditions and how to manage different (sometimes fatal) illnesses.

Further to that, she was promoted as a Medical Officer in Taiping Hospital before transferred to Kuala Lumpur Hospital in Paediatric Department. Then, she participated in brain tumour research and stem cell research in Institute of Medical Research Center, Malaysia.

Her experiences in different aspects of medical practices give her a remarkable advantage of seeing different angles to medical conditions, and how to tackle odd situations.

As it was written, Dr Jaswine was introduced to Medical Aesthetic in year 2014, during a research conference. She was so awe-inspired by the whole life-changing transformation that could be accomplished with aesthetic medicine and quickly fall in love with the concept.

Shortly afterward, she enrolled herself in Medical Aesthetic and dermatology courses and successfully obtained her well-deserved Certificate in Medical Aesthetic (MAC), Malaysia.

Dr Jaswine has joined us as a full-time aesthetic doctor ever since. As a part of Premier Clinic doctor, she was often sent to advanced training and workshop to further develop her skills and strengthen her knowledge. To date, Dr Jaswine has helped hundreds of our patients to regain their youthful appearance and developed her own set of followers.


Although you might mistake her as a fresh graduate because of her delicate and petite appearance, Dr Jaswine is a proud mother of two delightful kids. Her friendly, bubbly personality creates an aura of youthfulness and she transcends the energy to people around her.

Growing up, Dr Jaswine strove to be the best in everything she does. She often mesmerized by the beauty of the world and everything around her. That developed the sense of appreciation towards beauty overall. “For me, Aesthetic Medicine is a discipline that rebuild, strengthen and enhance the skin,” said Dr Jaswine.

Her passion is to grow old gracefully and healthily. “Just because you get older, doesn’t mean you can’t look beautiful. Beauty evolves through time, and aesthetic treatments can help you preserve the elegance and slow down the aging process.” Said Dr Jaswine.

“I love sharing my knowledge with anyone who’s interested!”


Whenever she’s at home, she loves to entertain her 2 kids with singing and dancing, which also helps in keeping her young at heart. As a loving mother, she prioritises the well-being of her family, making sure that they are well-fed and comfortable. Looking at Dr Jas with her kids shines a different aspect of her personality.

If you’d like to discuss anti-aging solutions or any aesthetic treatments, kindly contact our friendly customer service representatives at 012-662-5552 (Whatsapp/Call) or email us at contactus@premier-clinic.com. We are available throughout the year from 8am to 12 midnight daily.