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Night Market Mole Trap

Would you remove your mole at the same place you eat satay, durian cendol and char kuey teow?

Mole removal services have existed for quite some time in night markets. However, recently, the illegal establishment has popped up more. This raises concerns over the illegitimacy of the practices and health concerns it had for the customers.

Premier Clinic’s Founder, Dr Chen Tai Ho was interviewed recently on the mole removal procedures conducted in the night markets. Dr Chen gave some pointers and enlighten the readers on the risks associated.

Read The Star article here: https://www.thestar.com.my/metro/metro-news/2019/05/14/highrisk-practice/

Night Market Mole Trap

High-risk practice

To help you understand more about the issue, we gather some information for you:


Mole happens when the skin tissue overdeveloped and concentrated on one area rather than spreading. The overdeveloped skin is then clumped, causing it to raise above normal skin surface.

Over the years, the mole changes its colour to a darker one. Sometimes, hair follicle also grows on the mole, causing an unpleasant look.

Despite its look, most mole aren’t harmful. Regular moles are just affecting us on aesthetically. However, if you have newly developed, irregular moles, please seek doctors help as soon as possible as it may be a sign for skin cancer.





To remove mole, there are few safe and effective methods that are recommended by Food & Drug Authority (FDA) USA.

For flat or pigmented moles, we recommend using Ablative Laser Mole Removal. It is done by using CO2 q-Switch Laser, a highly effective laser to kill off the mole. It works by penetrating deep into the dermis layer of the skin and kill off any pigmented skin cells. The destroyed skin cells will exit the body through natural metabolism process. The procedure is quick, just about 15 – 20 minutes. There’ll be slight redness after the treatment. But, it will subside after several hours.

For raised moles, we use electrocautery micro-derma surgery (EC). EC is a thermal cautery method whereby heat is transferred through special electrode to kill off the skin tissues that formed raised mole. The mini-surgery is highly effective and complex. Firstly, numbing cream will be applied to help reduce any discomfort. Then, the doctor will carefully place electrode at the root of the mole. The whole procedure takes about 20 – 30 minutes to complete.

Mole Removal Before & After

Mole Removal Before & After

In the night market, they use a white cream that will dissolve the skin. Then, they pick on it with a toothpick. The cream probably contains some acidic ingredients that pierce deep into the skin and left scars afterwards.


According to an article in The Star recently, there are some terrifying cases involving night market mole removal. First case, the victim was given a misguided information on the price and the effects. The victim suffered a great cost of more than RM 700, and permanent scarring on her face. The second case, the procedure left a huge hole on his face after the mole removal.


The operation of mole removal in night markets are illegal. They are not registered with Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia, therefore they are not following the best practices guidelines set by the ministry. This includes the hygiene, methods, apparatus, and medication used.

The scarring that was left on the patient is an example of how the skin did not heal properly. When the skin detects a break in the wall (also known as lesions), it will secrete collagen to help cover it up. In this case, the wound must be too many, too sudden, that the skin couldn’t produce enough collagen to heal it properly.

Operating mini-surgery in a non-condusive environment can also expose you to infections. The infection can come from non-sterilised apparatus, the place itself or non-ethical code of conducts. Any surgery should be held in a disinfected room, with expert doctors and sterilised tools to minimise risks.

As the illegal mole removal activity is not registered with the ministry, the consumers (read: victim) loses the right to complaint and ask for further actions to rectify the problem. Contrary if you do in a registered clinic, the clinic will be held responsible of any complications that happens to you post-operation.


Having mole removed is a risky operation. To ensure your safety and health, it’s better to do it with a certified professional. Premier Clinic offers a FREE CONSULTATION and personalised treatment according to your needs.

High-risk practice

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