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Miss Iris Yeoh Shared Her Clatuu Fat Freezing Treatment!

Miss Iris Yeoh Clatuu Fat Freezing Treatment

Are you currently having problem with the stubborn fat around your belly? You’ve been trying hard enough in the gym trying to shed off that extra weight but nothing seems to be making effects? Would like to try liposuction but too scared of the needles?

We just might have the perfect solution for you without having to go under the knife. Premier Clinic has helped many individuals who are struggling with their body sculpture like you. We would like to invite you to try our Clatuu Fat Freezing treatment which is available in all 4 different branches of Premier Clinic. We would like to share with you a treatment done with a patient, administered by our expert physician, Dr. Michelle Lai of Premier Clinic.

Please visit Miss Iris Yeoh’s blog to read about her treatment experienced and watch the procedure videos:

Consultation of Clatuu Fat Freezing Treatment


Clatuu Fat Freezing treatment was first created after researchers found out that fat cells are more reactive in low temperature. Hence, the doctors have developed a controlled targeted system whereby the cell can be freeze at a particular temperature and leaving the metabolism to do the rest of the process. It can help you to form a better physique by reducing the amount of fats especially in abdomen, under the chin and thigh gap. Clatuu Fat freezing treatment does not require any surgery and the targeted treatment would not disrupt any other cells in the abdomen.

The destroyed cells will be absorbed by the body and will exit the system in about 6 to 12 months after the procedure, leaving you with the beautiful body you’ve always dreamed of!

Clatuu Fat Freezing Treatment

Who is a Good Candidate for CLATUU Treatment?


At the early phase of the procedure, the patented Clatuu machine applicator will be put on the target area. During this phase, patients might feel minor discomfort as the vacuum will suck the skin for about 10 minutes. Do not worry as this is normal during the procedure.

Afterwards, the sensation will disappear slowly, and the patient will feel cold and numb as the fat cells freeze. Dr. Michelle will slowly massage the patient to give back the texture to normal. A special gel for Clatuu treatment, MATRIX GEL PAD will be used to reduce any discomfort and ensuring maximum safety for our clients. Besides that, an internal heat detection system will administer and ensure that the right temperature is used to reduce any risks or unnecessary side effects during the treatment.

Who is a Good Candidate for CLATUU Treatment?

How Does Clatuu Work?


One of the questions we received on frequent basis is what are the benefits of Clatuu fat freezing treatment? First of all, it is a simple treatment but yet very effective to reduce unwanted fats in strategic areas. The treatment takes less than 2 hours to be completed and there are no side effects. With Dr. Michelle’s expertise on the treatment, we can make sure that you can get what you’ve always dreaming of.

This treatment can remove up to 30% per session. The treatment speeds up the natural process of fat removal from the body and targets it to the strategic areas. The effects of the treatment can be seen as soon as 4 weeks after the procedure.

As Clatuu fat freezing treatment is totally non-invasive, non-surgical, there are no downtime required and the risk is very minimal.


Clatuu Fat Freezing treatment does not involve any surgical procedure or any invasive treatment Therefore, there are very less risks and threats can be associated. Most responses from our patients who have done the treatment shows positive feedbacks and results. There might be a bit brusing and stinging sensation at the area especially 24 hours after the procedure but it can be reduced by ice and will disappear by itself within a week. Besides that, there’s no side effects recorded with this treatment. We usually advise our patients to stay hydrated as it helps the body to in fat removal process.

However, please note that Clatuu fat freezing treatment is not a weight loss treatment Therefore it cannot compete with gym routine and good diets to battle obesity. It is advised to the patients to always adhere to diets and exercise after the treatment to achieve optimum goal.

Clatuu Fat Freezing Premier Clinic

Premier Clinic is the first aesthetic clinic in Malaysia to offer Clatuu fat freezing treatment. We welcome any questions or concerns regarding the fat removal treatments. Our trained staffs and expert doctors are ready to give you the star treatment you deserve!

Please Whatsapp/call us on 012-662-5552 to arrange a FREE consultation session. We are available from 8am to 12pm Monday to Sunday, every day. Or you can also reach out to us at contactus@premier-clinic.com .

We are available in strategic locations in TTDI, Bangsar, KL City (Megan Avenue 1) and Puchong. Kindly visit us for more information. We look forward to hear from you soon!

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