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q-Switch Nd:YAG Laser for Tattoo Removal

 Premier Clinic uses the latest q-Switch Nd:YAG laser. It is an excellent choice for tattoo removal because its unique combination of short wavelength light and rapid, high intensity pulses maximizes the destruction of skin pigmentation and tattoo inks.

A central concern of many people considering tattoo removal is scarring. After all, you want to wave goodbye to that unwelcome reminder of days gone by, but you don’t want a painful scar to take its place. q-Switch Nd:YAG laser preserves surrounding skin and minimizes scarring by focusing its light energy only on the ink of the tattoo, causing it to break up and be naturally removed by your body’s cleansing process.

Tattoos use a wide variety of ink colors, and q-Switch Nd:YAG laseris able to remove practically all shades of ink, with the exception of certain shades of green and yellow, which are difficult or impossible to remove with any current laser technology. Repeat treatments over a period of several weeks are usually required to achieve the best results. Patients on average see a 90 to 95% reduction in the appearance of their tattoo, depending on the depth of the tattoo ink, the colour of the tattoo and the type of ink used.

The tattoo removal laser can be performed with the  q-Switch Nd:YAG laser once a month. Numbing cream is applied to the tattoo about half an hour before the laser procedure commences. This is to minimize any potential discomfort. Ice or a cooling machine can be used to further reduce an discomfort.

The actual q-Switch Nd:YAG laser procedure just take a few minutes to complete. There may be redness and swelling which will go off in a few days. Some clients may experience some blisters over the lasered area. This will subside by itself after less than a week.

It is important to protect the lasered area from the sun for a few weeks post laser. A sunblock or sunscreen of SPF 30 and above can be applied several times a day if the tattoo is on a sun-exposed area.

Usually black colour tattoos are easier and faster to remove, compared to fluorescent colours or bright colours such as green or red. Some tattoos can be removed entirely, whereas others can be sgnificantly lightened but not fully removed. This depends on the depth of the tattoo ink, the kind of ink pigment used and the colours of the tattoo.