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Lose 20% Of Your Fat Now – Premier Belly Freeze Promo

5 Questions To Ask About Clatuu Fat Freezing

Are you tired of the love handles around your hips?

Are you looking for a safe, easy solution to get rid of the excess fat around your belly?

We might have the right solution for you. Premier Clinic is coming up with Premier Belly Freeze Programme to help you achieving your dream body sculpture. Premier Belly Freeze is using a fat-freezing technique called cryolipolysis. As scientist discovered that fat cells are more reactive to extreme temperature (cold or hot), they found a method to expose the fat cells to these controlled temperatures without affecting other neighbouring cells and other parts of the body.


In Premier Clinic, we are using Clatuu Fat Freezing, a leading solution in fat reduction to help maximising the fat cooling effect. Clatuu Fat Freezing is approved by the USA’s FDA in 2010 and it has taken a shot in the industry since then. It works by strategically destroying the excess fat cells up to 20% per session. The process starts with the doctor applying Clatuu Gel, a special matrix designed to reduce discomfort and ensure maximum safety. There will be a slight discomfort during the treatment as the vacuum delivers cooling sensation to your fat layer, but this will be temporary and the discomfort is very manageable. Afterwards, you will feel the fat actually freezes like brick. The doctor will help to massage the area until it comes back to normal.

Clatuu Fat Freezing Treatment

Post Procedure Care for Clatuu Fat Freezing

Removing stubborn fat from belly

What happens actually is the freezing sensation kills off the fat cells immediately.  The damaged fat cells will not return in number (although, fat cells are known to expand or contract in given conditions). It will then absorbed by the body through natural metabolism process in 2-3 months. As a result, it will allow you to have a more sculptured, desirable body.

Clatuu Fat Freezing does not have any harmful post-procedure side effects. It is normal to have some temporary redness at the targeted area but it will reduce itself in a few days. Besides that, you may have your normal daily routine as usual.

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Clatuu Fat Freezing Procedure @ Premier Clinic

Apart from Clatuu Fat Freezing, you may also enjoy 5 days supply of HCG medication. HCG or Human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone therapy to help with reducing weight internally. Initially used as a fertility treatment in men and women, HCG patients recorded impressive weight loss throughout their HCG therapy period. Now, it is used actively for both usages. HCG is used via injections to the muscle under the skin in the buttock, stomach, thighs or upper arms. It works as an effective appetite suppressant to help you control your daily diet.

Together, these procedures are being offered at an irresistible deal of RM2999 ONLY instead of Normal Price of RM6000! This promotion is currently offered in our Puchong Branch and valid until 31st March 2019. You may inquire more about the package deal with our Customer Service Representatives at 012-662-5552 (Whatsapp or Call). Aside from the affordable deal, we also have a FREE CONSULTATION session worth RM80 at your disposal.


clatuu fat freezing

clatuu fat freezing

clatuu fat freezing

clatuu fat freezing

clatuu fat freezing

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