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Jom! Raya! 1,2,3 Promotion

Jom! Raya 123 Promo

Want to look good for RAYA?

If yes, then you are in a perfect place. We are having the best treatment for you through which can brighten your skin. The treatment includes Brightening Laser, LED Phototherapy, and Carbon Laser Peel. Look great for Raya in just 3 simple steps.

Our package includes:

  • 1 x session of CHEMICAL PEEL which removes impurities & pigmentation
  • 2 x sessions of BRIGHTENING LASER which improve complexion & skin tones
  • 3 x sessions of LED PHOTOTHERAPY which reduce lines & wrinkles

We are offering the package treatment for only RM1,499 (N/P: RM2600). It is available in all branches until 30th JUNE 2019.


Acne and oily skin have been a long-haul issue for individuals all around the globe particularly in South East Asia, making many experiences the ill effects of acne. The impacts of skin break out may not appear to be intense, however, after some time, they can turn out to be somewhat precarious to treat. Whenever left without treatment, it can influence the wellbeing of your skin, also scarring. A few scars brought about by skin break out are brief, yet there will be a higher hazard for a perpetual scar if you abandon it untreated. The method of Carbon Laser Peel has turned out to be progressively famous in the ongoing years.

A meager layer of special chemical is spread over the zone that will be dealt with. After the chemical is consumed into the skin, your skin will be carefully massaged by the therapist to help exfolicate any dead skin cells and gunk produced by your skin.  As a result, the skin is shed and the flotsam and jetsam covering the pores is expelled. This is consummately ordinary as it conveys the warmth to your skin.

Skin Peel / Chemical Peel, Kuala Lumpur

Chemical Peels – Simply Peel Signs of Aging

Chemical Peels - Simply Peel Signs of Aging


The need to get a brightening skin has driven individuals to take up some unusual skin lighting up medicines. The presentation of fading creams and cleansers gave individuals an approach to dispose of uneven conditioned skin and get the brightening they’ve constantly needed. Skin lighting up moisturizers are additionally a treatment that numerous individuals use. Obviously, the consequences of these medicines are not constantly attractive.

As they continued looking for incredible skin lighting up involvement, individuals even go for some customary home cures. Since these practices aren’t the most ideal approach to manage dull skin, innovation was acquired to fill this hole in the market. The most exceptional methodology for skin lighting up in this time is a SKIN BRIGHTENING LASER.

BRIGHTENING LASER has surprised the world and it’s the best wagered you have against unpredictable skin tone. The laser treatment utilizes a high vitality light to improve harmed skin cells that reason skin obscuring. The methodology doesn’t just expel these sporadic cells yet it likewise animates the development of new skin cells. This development is the thing that at last draws out the splendor of your skin. The method gives you splendid skin and a more youthful looking appearance as well.

Pigmentation Removal & Skin Whitening Laser, Kuala Lumpur

Skin Whitening Laser to Restore Skin Radiance and Complexion


LED is an abbreviation for the light emitting diode. It is exceptionally a little semiconductor that emanates light when a current is gone through it. During a previous couple of years, particular remedial LEDs that have additional iridescence discharged through an unmistakable wavelength band, have been utilized with the end goal of skin revival. In contrast to laser or IPL, LED phototherapy is non-intrusive and non-warm and consequently requires no recuperation time after medications. Likewise, LED phototherapy includes the utilization of constant light instead of beats of light.

LED phototherapy works by utilizing the properties of a specific wavelength of light to initiate changes in the skin to treat a specific condition. There is no warmth vitality or tissue harm initiated by LED phototherapy.

LED Phototherapy in KL HD



If you’d like to get professional help for your problem, get it from the best! We were voted in Top 3 Aesthetic Clinics in Klang Valley. Our treatments are reliable and proven to be effective. Our machines and medical equipment are FDA-approved and acknowledged by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

Premier Clinic is a certified medical clinic. Our professional doctors are all experienced and knowledgeable to help with your problem.


Walk in to any of our branches before 30th June 2019 to get the promo price. Our branches are strategically placed for your convenience in TTDI, Bangsar, KL City, Puchong, Mont Kiara and Cheras.

Alternatively, you may also call our customer service representatives to secure your slot. We can be reach through Whatsapp or call at +6012-662-5552 or through email at contactus@premier-clinic.com.

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