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Hey Oil Seeds!

Lee Yann has recently visited Premier Clinic to seek remedies for her milia (aka. oil seeds) which has troubled her for a while.

What is Milia? They are small bumps that found mainly mainly on your face or sometime genital area where sebaceous gland are located. It is a result of blockage of these sebacous gland or in skin damaged by trauma or inflammation from various skin conditions.

Lee Yann was introduced to our Medlite C6 laser treatment to remove her milia under the expert hands of Dr Kee Yong Seng. Suffice to say, she was one happy camper after the treatment. To read her full review, please go to http://missyforwardbeauty.blogspot.my/2016/05/premier-clinic-review-my-first.html

So if milia/ oil seeds are the cause of your concerns as well, please call us now at 03-77325552/ 03-22822263 or Whatsapp us at 012-6625552 to schedule a FREE consultation with our experienced doctors.

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