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Hair Loss And How To Treat It

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Hair loss is often a sensitive issue for people suffering from it, but it is a problem that is very common, especially for those that are aging. Most people usually lose about 50-100 strands of hair on a daily basis, but this is considered minimal and is definitely not visible to the naked eye. However, hair fall that is excessive may result in an appearance that is unsightly, with bald spots, thinning hair or receding hairlines beginning to develop. Unfortunately, no amount of shampoo or hair products will help out with that, and professional hair fall treatments are needed to combat this.


Potential Causes

There are several causes for hair loss, one of which is stress – both physical and emotional. To be more exact, hair loss can be caused by physical stress, while emotional stress is more likely to make an existing hair loss problem worse; however, it can also cause hair loss, even if it is unlikely.

A lack of protein in your diet can also be a reason for hair fall, due to your body choosing to ration out the protein available. This could result in hair growth slowing down, or even stopping completely and may occur two or three months following a drop in protein consumption.


Some forms of medication could also contribute to hair loss, such as drugs for blood pressure (beta-blockers), rheumatism, depression, inflammations as well as other skin conditions.

However, one of the most prominent causes is genetics. Unfortunately, if hair loss is part of your genes, there’s not much you can do about it. Aging is also another potential factor that is responsible for hair loss, and like genes, this means it is not preventable. Thankfully, there are various types of hair fall treatments available for you.

Treatment Options

At Premier Clinic, our aesthetic professionals are highly experienced at diagnosing and treating hair problems. Our hair fall treatments are varied and are suitable for patients of all ages and genders, under the watchful eyes of professionals with years of experience.

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