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Groin Fungal Infection Laser Treatment

Skin fungal infection can present itself as an area of skin discolouration with or without itch. The condition is usually infectious as well as chronic, meaning patients could have been having it for years. Many people do not seek treatment early enough for this treatable skin condition, which can result in the condition worsening.

Besides oral anti-fungal drugs such as ketoconazole and fluconazole, or creams such as miconazole, laser treatments can also be performed using a Long Pulse Nd:YAG laser which causes heating, thereby killing off the fungi on the skin.

Usually combination treatments works the best, so besides using lasers, your doctor may also combine the treatment with oral anti-fungal medicines and creams. Several sessions of laser, done once a month, would be necessary.

It is also important to maintain good skin hygiene and to keep the treatment area dry all the time.

Dr Elaine Chong performed a laser treatment for a demo subject using the Long Pulse Nd:YAG laser for Mr Mustafa who has been having the fungal infection for a long time. Mustafa works long hours, and combined with the tendency to sweat at the groin area, he developed a fungal infection. The painless laser performed by Dr Elaine Chong of Premier Clinic only takes 10 minutes.





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