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Genital Skin Whitening Laser for Men and Women

Genital Skin Whitening was recently in the news as it was becoming very popular and viral in Thailand very recently. Interestingly, Premier Clinic has already been offering genital skin whitening for some time.

Genital skin whitening is suitable for men and women of all ages who are keen to improve the appearance of the genitals.

Genital Skin Whitening Laser, Premier Clinic

We use q-switch Nd:YAG laser to whiten the skin on male/ female outer genitals or buttocks.

The laser can also lighten the skin tone of the anus, perineum or inner thighs area.

For those who are keen, we remove unwanted hair permanently using Long Pulse Nd:YAG laser over the bikini/ genital or anus area.

The Genital Skin Whitening Laser is highly safe and effective as we use the best quality laser machines that are FDA-approved. It is painless and have no downtime. Meaning you can go back to work, daily activities or sexual activities immediately after the laser.

Confidentiality and privacy is assured. We have male and female doctors who can perform your procedure at your utmost comfort.


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