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EnerJet Kinetic Lift for Skin Lifting

EnerJet is a treatment which is needle-less and helps with skin conditions such as acne scar, stretch mark, thinning skin and much more. It can also help for face lifting effective treatment.EnerJet treatment uses pneumatic jet stream  instead of the usual needles. Via this method EnerJet can be used to deliver vitamins,  minerals and Hyaluronic Acid (HA), which are the enhancing products, into the dermis of the skin to remodel the skin, help lift face  tissue and repair scars.

Dr Elaine Chong of Premier Clinic performed the EnerJet Kinetic Lift treatment on Dr Chen Tai Ho to help lift his face,  especially over the forehead, jawline and cheeks area. The neck lines were also treated to help reduce the depth of the lines.
There would be some redness and bumps over the treated area which would subside over the next two hours.
Three treatments done once a month will give the optimum results.  The treatments are not painful as numbing cream is applied prior to treatment.  Lidocaine numbing drug is also added to the concoction prior to the needle-less treatment.
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