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Do You Get A Flat Butt From Sitting Down All Day?

Flat Butt From Sitting Down All Day

Why are people drawn to a firm, round, perky bum? The answer is simple, although it’s probably not what you would expect: We like round butts because they’re a sign of youth, good health, and proper muscular alignment!

Most modern humans spend a good portion of their day sitting down, and that can really disrupt muscular alignment. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering “why is my butt flat?” You can thank the modern lifestyle. 

Flat Butt From Sitting Down All Day Flat Butt From Sitting Down All Day

What Causes Flat Buttocks?

Let’s take a moment to clear things up. Your butt does not flatten from the force of the chair. The real danger factor is staying seated for long periods of time.

Staying seated for too long, causes a set of muscles called the hip flexors to tighten up. When these are tightened, they prevent movement of the gluteus maximus, the muscles that make up your butt.

This has all sorts of repercussions for your body. In immediate terms, the compression in the lower back area may lead to back pain. For long-term effects, muscles which are not regularly used grow weaker, and thus lose tone and definition, becoming flabby and saggy. Your butt may be temporarily atrophied from years of inactivity, and if nothing is done, that flatness could become permanent.

What Causes Flat ButtocksWhat Causes Flat Buttocks

A flat butt is just one of several downsides that come from staying seated for too long. Sitting in a chair for too long can affect your body in the following ways:

  • Your metabolism slows and energy expenditure goes down. You burn less fat and blood sugar, and you are at greater risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Your lower back and spine get overloaded, which then stresses the muscles and joints around them (including your butt).
  • If your posture is bad, this can further lead to chronic pain.
  • Your joints get overloaded, which leads to rheumatic disorders such as osteoarthritis.
  • Sedentary behavior increases the risk of cancer and heart disease.

heary disease osteoarhthritis

osteoarhthritis osteoarhthritis

How Do I Fix It?

That list of adverse effects may sound scary, but all that is only if you don’t do something to solve the problem. The solutions are fairly simple. It’s a concern of activity, and for your butt specifically, muscular activity. Keep your muscles active. Make sure your buttocks get some activity instead of sitting idle the whole time at work.

Here’s a list of things you can do to put the curve back in your butt:

Walk around, give your limbs a stretch

Set a timer. Never stay seated for more than twenty to thirty minutes at a time. Once you hit your limit, get up and take two or three minutes of activity. Walk around, give your limbs a stretch. Your joints will thank you for it as well.

Fix your posture

Fix your posture. Correcting your sitting posture can go a long way towards realigning your muscles. Your lower back needs support, so put a pillow under your chair! Keep your computer screen at eye level or slightly below. Your elbows should be at the same height as the table. And don’t stretch your arms to your keyboard, get in closer.

Walk around, give your limbs a stretch

Start an exercise routine and try to do a few exercises during work. At the most basic, the squeeze and release is a nice, simple, and almost entirely unnoticeable exercise. Contract the buttock muscles as tight as you can, then hold that for thirty seconds, then release for ten seconds. Do this for ten minutes. It’s small and unobtrusive, so you can do it anywhere; seated at your desk, or while you’re walking, or while standing and waiting for something.

Go to the gym

Go to the gym. All exercises that target your lower body will benefit your rear. Squats and lunges are particularly effective. Include as many of these as you can to keep your butt as perky and round as possible. Some workouts also specifically target the butt; try them out and see which ones work for you.

If You Want Results Fast!

Buttock fillers can be a fantastic solution for a flat butt, and it’s not nearly as expensive as it sounds! There’s actually no need for surgery or any implants and any of the associated risks of that. Fillers consist of a hydrophilic gel that is injected into place, where they will provide additional volume to your buttocks in a way that looks completely natural!

As with all procedures like this, your doctor will first consult with you to determine whether the procedure is suitable for you, and will customize the treatment to your needs. The procedure itself is simple, painless, and has no side effects and very little recovery time.

Note that this is not a permanent procedure. The fillers are biodegradable and will last no more than three years. Think of fillers as a little bit of assistance while you do the work in the gym.

5-buttock filler5-buttock filler

Keeping It Round

The sedentary nature of modern city life can take a real toll on your body, especially since most of us don’t undertake enough physical activity to counterbalance the inactivity. Don’t let your body give into the imbalances by sitting around all day. Exercise and remain active, every chance you get. Don’t just linger in the chair; get yourself moving. Our bodies were made to be active. 

You don’t have to live with flat upper buttocks! If you’ve decided to make the lifestyle changes necessary to get your butt back into shape, buttocks fillers can go a long way towards giving you the appearance of a firm bum while you sort out the postural issue and the imbalances that caused the initial damage in the first place.

Flat Butt From Sitting Down All Day


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