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Dermaroller for Stretch Marks


Most people will experience stretch marks at some point in their lives as it is a fairly common occurrence. During periods of rapid weight gain or growth, fine lines may slowly form as the skin struggles to adapt to the drastic increase in stress caused by this. It interrupts normal collagen production in the skin, leading to a disruption in the growth of connective tissue. As a result, the skin tears as it cannot increase its elasticity without the presence of collagen. Stretch marks are likely to be found in pregnant women or during periods of puberty for both genders.


Designed to induce the production of fresh collagen in the skin, Dermaroller or skin needling helps to rejuvenate the upper layers of the skin. This process also helps the growth of fresh skin cells which eventually form new layers of tissue.

Made up of a series of sharp micro-needles, a sterile roller rolls across the skin to create microscopic channels in the process. Causing minor damage, this procedure triggers the production of fresh collagen and elastin in the skin to repair itself. This creates new skin cells that replace the old ones, revitalising your skin as it becomes thicker and more youthful in appearance.* The skin healing process also begins very quickly as the microscopic channels close up rapidly after its creation.

A customised serum will be applied to address the specific needs of your skin, in addition to a topical anaesthetic to prevent any pain or discomfort. To ensure cleanliness, a new roller is used for every patient while needles are made from a special titanium alloy that does not trigger any allergic reactions.


The chances of any infection are close to none as the microscopic channels will close up quickly, but you should expect some minor skin inflammation. This should fade in a few hours and will have completely subsided in 1 day.

For general anti-aging, patients undergo a minimum of 3 treatments about 6 weeks apart on average, while 5 treatments is the norm for acne scars or general scarring. This number may vary depending on your situation, and your doctor will advise you on a suitable number of sessions in order to get the best results.