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Dermaroller for Pores


When sebum and dirt builds up in oily skin, this causes your skin to swell and stretch. This results in your pores to appear larger than usual. Another factor to consider is sun exposure; this triggers your skin into thickening as additional skin cells grow around the pores’ edges to offer protection against UV rays. This stretches them out, making pores larger than usual. Pores may also get stretched out due to aging, as skin loses its elasticity and its inability to snap back into place means that pores will appear larger than normal. Large pores are not harmful, but some individuals may consider them unsightly.



Aiming to activate collagen production in the skin, Dermaroller (also referred to as skin needling) helps to rejuvenate the upper layers of your skin, and also triggers the production of new skin cells to form fresh layers of tissue.

Using a sterile roller made up of sharp micro-needles, your doctor will roll it over the skin surface to generate a series of microscopic channels. The minor damage caused is meant to encourage your body to begin production of collagen and elastin to repair itself. Fresh skin cells are created in the process, which helps to revitalise your skin, becoming thicker and more youthful in appearance.* These microscopic channels also close up very quickly, which enables the skin to begin the healing process swiftly.

A topical anaesthetic will be used to prevent discomfort or pain during the procedure, while a customised serum is also applied on your skin depending on your personal needs as determined beforehand. In order to ensure cleanliness, a new roller is used each time while there should be no risk of any allergic reactions as the needles are made from a titanium alloy.



As the microscopic channels close rapidly, there is very little risk of any infection but some skin inflammation may occur. This will fade in a few hours and takes approximately a full day to subside completely.

The average patient will undergo a minimum of a 3 treatments spaced about 6 weeks apart for general anti-aging, or 5 treatments for acne scars or similar scarring. This number may vary depending on your situation, and you should consult your doctor to get a number that is suitable for you to get optimal results.