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July 2015 Charity Clinic & Soup Kitchen

Doctors and volunteers from Premier Clinic were on hand to help attend to the homeless and unfortunate by treating ailments and disease, giving out medicine and helping out with distributing food for them on the fourth week of July 2015 at Chow Kit and Kotaraya in Kuala Lumpur.

Over 600 people received the food aid and about 50 patients were treated. Besides food and medical services, free hair cuts were also given.

After the interview, Dr Chen Tai Ho of Premier Clinic was interviewed by reporters on our clinic‘s corporate social responsibility efforts.

The volunteer service was organised by Pertiwi non-governmental organisation. Premier Clinic is happy to aid pro bono for voluntary organisations that require our medical expertise.

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Donation for Kelantan Flood Victims

Thousands of people were affected by the big floods in Kelantan. Our Premier Clinic doctors and staff collaborated with the Kuala Lumpur taxi drivers association to donate toiletries, clothes, new and used toys and cash to the unfortunate folks at Kuala Krai, Kelantan who were severely affected. The drivers would be leaving to Kelantan this coming Thursday 15 February 2015 via taxi and lorries to carry the flood relief item. If you have items to contribute, you’re most welcome to contact driver Mr Maidin at +60 12-245 8387











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Premier Clinic Sponsors UITM Charity Project

Our doctors at Premier Clinic believes in helping the needy and doing their part for the community.

We at Premier Clinic would be happy to contribute our time and energy to a good cause in regardless of race and religion.

Our drs and staff have volunteered their expertise in attending to the homeless and refugees at soup kitchens and mobile clinics organised by Pertubuhan Wanita Islam (PERTIWI) for the homeless,  refugees,  drug addicts and sex workers.

Last Christmas,  Dr Chen Tai Ho invited orphans of all races to enjoy a sumptuous buffet spread at a 5 star restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. The children was happy to be entertained by Santa Claus, magicians, clowns and band singers.

Our doctors also visited orphanages and old folks homes during Chinese New Year and Deepavali season. We spent time talking to the elderly folk and brought them lunch.  Our doctors’ friends entertained them by singing songs, playing the guitar and having games.

This time around, Universiti Institut Teknologi Mara (UITM) students had to come up with their final year project whereby they had to organise a charity project of their choice.

They chose to promote better Islamic understanding to new Muslim converts for their final year project, whereby they organised buses from all over peninsular Malaysia to go UITM for a session of talks by well-known Muslim leaders and imams on 28 November 2014.  After that,  they had one-to-one sessions with the UITM students to discuss about their experiences and challenges as new Muslim converts.

UITM approached our clinic for sponsorship to cover the cost of chartering a fleet of buses from all the states in Peninsular Malaysia, speaker fees and meals for the participants during the event. We were glad to have helped.

Our doctors may not be Muslims but we believe in helping fellow Malaysians and contributing to a good cause irregardless of race, religion or sexuality.








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Mobile Charity Clinic

In cooperation with Pertiwi Soup Kitchen, Premier Clinic staff and doctors volunteered their time and expertise to set up mobile charity clinics in various locations in Kuala Lumpur.

Our staff and doctors were on hand to register,  give consultation,  conduct physical examination and dispense medicine to the poor, homeless, refugees, transgender and sexual workers.

About 50 patients were attended to that night.  Cases included cough and cold,  muscle aches and skin disease.  We also seen cases of uncontrolled high blood pressure and lung diseases.

Pertiwi volunteers also distributed free food and drinks to over 300 people.  They also gave away old clothes and had volunteer barbers cutting hair.






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Mobile charity clinic and soup kitchen

Premier Clinic believes in giving back to society. We are happy to do our part in the betterment of society, so on 4 July 2014, we collaborated with Pertiwi Food Kitchen to help the needy.

We volunteered at mobile clinics in Chow Kit, Masjid India and Masjid Negara from 8.30pm to 12 midnight. Our doctors and staffs provided medical consultation and treatment. Patients who received free medical treatments comprised of the poor, beggars, drug addicts and sex workers.

There were over 50 patients seen on that night. Most patients had cough and cold, muscle aches and infected wounds. They were prescribed the necessary medicines including vitamins, painkillers and antibiotics, besides creams and solutions for dressing.

Amongst the more serious cases seen were bone cancer, infected scabies and undiagnosed uncontrolled hypertension.

The volunteers also helped distribute free hot meals such as rice, chicken, bread and drinks. More than 200 people benefited from the free meals.

Our doctors and staff had a surprise visit from three Kuala Lumpur members of parliament, including Nurul Izzah and Teresa Kok, who came to support the charity work.

Dr Chen Tai Ho of Premier Clinic says: “When helping those who are down, the more we give, the more we gain”.








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Dr.Chen volunteers at Hope Free Clinic

Our aesthetic doctor, Dr Chen Tai Ho, believes is helping the needy. He regularly volunteers his time to attend to patients at Hope Free Clinic, a charity clinic run by Hope International.

Dr Chen attends to about 40 patients per day from underprivileged groups including jobless, homeless and poor fellow Malaysians and refugees. Most patients come for treatment of chronic illnesses including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, malnutrition and cough and cold.





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