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8-korean skin

How To Stay Looking Younger. The Korean’s Secret.

There’s no denying that Korean culture and K-Pop have received a huge boom in popularity lately. But it’s not just the music that’s getting popular—South Korea has taken the beauty market by storm!

There’s a good reason why so many aesthetic doctors are turning to K-beauty products these days. It really seems like Korean women defy aging; everyone is asking: “Why do Korean girls look so young?!”

In this case, beauty is literally skin-deep. Korean women take their skincare routines very seriously, and this care pays off in making them look much younger than their actual age.

So we’ve investigated these skincare routines and we found out why they’re so effective. If you want to learn how to look younger than your age then you’re in the right place! Read on for expert skincare tips straight from South Korea.

How To Stay Looking Younger. The Korean's Secret.

Principles of Korean Skincare

The typical Korean skincare routine is ten steps long! Below, we’re going to lay out the important parts, so you understand how it works. It’ll also help those of you who don’t have the time or ability to commit to such an extensive routine; as long as you understand the principles, you can learn how to make your face look younger.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

It’s an old adage, but it holds up here. The earlier you get to a problem, the less time it’ll have to do any damage. For instance, take your pores. Leave one blocked up, and it’ll soon turn into a whitehead or a blackhead. But if you maintain a constant skincare regimen, debris will never have enough time to build up into something serious. And the less damaged your skin is, the younger you’ll look. This is also why the Korean skincare routine is so thorough; it aims to remove every problem and pollutant on your face so that it never has a chance to interfere with your appearance.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

As obvious as it sounds, dry skin is a consequence of skin not being hydrated enough. Dry skin also leads to a host of other concerns. Your face and ears replace their skin cells more often than most other areas of your skin, and this turnover rate means they’re vulnerable to damage. Keeping your skin well moisturized not only keeps it looking healthy, but it also firms up the face and keeps wrinkles away. Want to know how to slow down aging? Moisturize!

Don’t Stop With One Cleanser

Don’t Stop With One Cleanser

The standard ten-step Korean skincare routine starts with two cleanses. The first uses an oil-based cleanser to remove excess sebum, makeup, and dead skin cells. This works on the principle that oil attracts oil, so oil cleansers have an easier time removing sebum and makeup. This is then followed by a gentle water-based cleanser that removes debris like sweat and dirt, which respond better to water. This double cleanse ensures that none of the environmental stressors of day-to-day life have a chance to damage your skin.

Even if you don’t wear much makeup, the double cleanse is still advisable. Water-based cleansers have a hard time dealing with sebum, sunscreen, and pollutants, so you’ll need an oil cleanser to remove these. Keeping your face clean plays an important part in how to look younger.

Avoid The Sun Avoid The Sun

Avoid The Sun

While the sun is a great bioavailable source of vitamin D, staying in the sun for too long can be really damaging to your skin. Ultraviolet rays are bad news, and they do more damage to your face than nearly anything else! They speed up the aging process, they remove elasticity, they promote wrinkles, promote sagging, and they dry out the skin. Even sporting a light tan in the summer can be extremely damaging year after year.

If you want to keep your skin protected, stay out of the sun as much as possible and wear sunscreen or use makeup that incorporates SPF. Your skin will thank you for it!

Don’t Believe The Hype

Don’t Believe The Hype

Let’s face it, the beauty market is expanding every year, especially with K-beauty products giving manufacturers more things to think about. They’ll try all sorts of new ingredients, looking for the next big thing to keep your skin brighter and healthier. And you’ll get the manufacturers who’ll just outright try to lie about what benefits their products bring. 

One huge downside of beauty products is that there isn’t enough regulation to ensure that products live up to their claims, so you always have to do your own research. Look for any reviews of the product and see if they sound credible, or check with your dermatologist.

Coordinate With Your Doctor

Coordinate With Your Doctor

You should always check in with your aesthetic doctor to see if your skincare routine needs a little extra help! Plus, since they have an up-close look at your skin and the right expertise, they can recommend what products will work best and what you should avoid. And when your skin needs a little bit of extra help, they might even be able to recommend slightly more intensive procedures like placenta and stem cell therapy, and see if they may be helpful to your case.

Stem Cell

Staying Forever Young

Make no mistake; a full ten-step Korean skincare routine will take quite a bit of effort! You’ll have to invest in the products and commit to using them every day. You’ll also have to sacrifice quite a bit of time; around thirty minutes per night, every night.

If you’re looking for something that’s a little more ‘once and done’ maybe you could consider something like placenta and stem cell therapy. It might sound pretty sci-fi, but the results speak for themselves. If you’re 45 and you want to look 25, this might be the treatment for you!

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Flat Butt From Sitting Down All Day

Do You Get A Flat Butt From Sitting Down All Day?

Why are people drawn to a firm, round, perky bum? The answer is simple, although it’s probably not what you would expect: We like round butts because they’re a sign of youth, good health, and proper muscular alignment!

Most modern humans spend a good portion of their day sitting down, and that can really disrupt muscular alignment. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering “why is my butt flat?” You can thank the modern lifestyle. 

Flat Butt From Sitting Down All Day Flat Butt From Sitting Down All Day

What Causes Flat Buttocks?

Let’s take a moment to clear things up. Your butt does not flatten from the force of the chair. The real danger factor is staying seated for long periods of time.

Staying seated for too long, causes a set of muscles called the hip flexors to tighten up. When these are tightened, they prevent movement of the gluteus maximus, the muscles that make up your butt.

This has all sorts of repercussions for your body. In immediate terms, the compression in the lower back area may lead to back pain. For long-term effects, muscles which are not regularly used grow weaker, and thus lose tone and definition, becoming flabby and saggy. Your butt may be temporarily atrophied from years of inactivity, and if nothing is done, that flatness could become permanent.

What Causes Flat ButtocksWhat Causes Flat Buttocks

A flat butt is just one of several downsides that come from staying seated for too long. Sitting in a chair for too long can affect your body in the following ways:

  • Your metabolism slows and energy expenditure goes down. You burn less fat and blood sugar, and you are at greater risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Your lower back and spine get overloaded, which then stresses the muscles and joints around them (including your butt).
  • If your posture is bad, this can further lead to chronic pain.
  • Your joints get overloaded, which leads to rheumatic disorders such as osteoarthritis.
  • Sedentary behavior increases the risk of cancer and heart disease.

heary disease osteoarhthritis

osteoarhthritis osteoarhthritis

How Do I Fix It?

That list of adverse effects may sound scary, but all that is only if you don’t do something to solve the problem. The solutions are fairly simple. It’s a concern of activity, and for your butt specifically, muscular activity. Keep your muscles active. Make sure your buttocks get some activity instead of sitting idle the whole time at work.

Here’s a list of things you can do to put the curve back in your butt:

Walk around, give your limbs a stretch

Set a timer. Never stay seated for more than twenty to thirty minutes at a time. Once you hit your limit, get up and take two or three minutes of activity. Walk around, give your limbs a stretch. Your joints will thank you for it as well.

Fix your posture

Fix your posture. Correcting your sitting posture can go a long way towards realigning your muscles. Your lower back needs support, so put a pillow under your chair! Keep your computer screen at eye level or slightly below. Your elbows should be at the same height as the table. And don’t stretch your arms to your keyboard, get in closer.

Walk around, give your limbs a stretch

Start an exercise routine and try to do a few exercises during work. At the most basic, the squeeze and release is a nice, simple, and almost entirely unnoticeable exercise. Contract the buttock muscles as tight as you can, then hold that for thirty seconds, then release for ten seconds. Do this for ten minutes. It’s small and unobtrusive, so you can do it anywhere; seated at your desk, or while you’re walking, or while standing and waiting for something.

Go to the gym

Go to the gym. All exercises that target your lower body will benefit your rear. Squats and lunges are particularly effective. Include as many of these as you can to keep your butt as perky and round as possible. Some workouts also specifically target the butt; try them out and see which ones work for you.

If You Want Results Fast!

Buttock fillers can be a fantastic solution for a flat butt, and it’s not nearly as expensive as it sounds! There’s actually no need for surgery or any implants and any of the associated risks of that. Fillers consist of a hydrophilic gel that is injected into place, where they will provide additional volume to your buttocks in a way that looks completely natural!

As with all procedures like this, your doctor will first consult with you to determine whether the procedure is suitable for you, and will customize the treatment to your needs. The procedure itself is simple, painless, and has no side effects and very little recovery time.

Note that this is not a permanent procedure. The fillers are biodegradable and will last no more than three years. Think of fillers as a little bit of assistance while you do the work in the gym.

5-buttock filler5-buttock filler

Keeping It Round

The sedentary nature of modern city life can take a real toll on your body, especially since most of us don’t undertake enough physical activity to counterbalance the inactivity. Don’t let your body give into the imbalances by sitting around all day. Exercise and remain active, every chance you get. Don’t just linger in the chair; get yourself moving. Our bodies were made to be active. 

You don’t have to live with flat upper buttocks! If you’ve decided to make the lifestyle changes necessary to get your butt back into shape, buttocks fillers can go a long way towards giving you the appearance of a firm bum while you sort out the postural issue and the imbalances that caused the initial damage in the first place.

Flat Butt From Sitting Down All Day

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12 Foods To Eat To Avoid Hair Loss

12 Foods To Eat To Avoid Hair Loss

Hair is a huge part of our appearance! It frames your face and is a sign of youth and beauty in both men and women. A thinning hairline can be a devastating blow to self-esteem, so it’s no surprise that we all want to keep our hair as thick and luscious as possible.

It might sound counterintuitive, but you can actually get thicker hair just by improving your diet. All foods offer a set of nutrients that help nourish the body, and we’ve compiled all the nutrients that play an important role in hair growth and health. Read on to find out what food you should eat to avoid hair loss!

12 Foods To Eat To Avoid Hair Loss

Nutrients Important For Hair Growth

Good, healthy food contains nutrients that benefit the body in many ways. To prevent hair loss, you’ll want to increase your intake of the following nutrients.

  • Protein: In biological terms, hair is simply a long chain of proteins. Thus, you’ll need a steady supply of protein if you want to keep your mane healthy.
  • Iron: Your hair follicles are fed by blood vessels. Too little iron in your system disrupts the blood supply, and this interferes with hair growth, potentially even leading to shedding.
  • Vitamin C: This vitamin helps the body in three significant ways. It helps the absorption of iron into your body. It’s an antioxidant, helping protect your body from free radicals. It helps produce collagen, which strengthens blood vessels, including the ones that feed hair follicles.
  • Omega-3 acids: These are within the cells of your scalp, providing oils that hydrate your skin and hair. The human body cannot make omega-3 acids on its own, so your diet has to incorporate them.
  • Vitamin A: Along with omega-3 acids, vitamin A helps care for your hair. It plays a part in maintaining the oils that keep your hair healthy and conditioned. It has also been linked to increases in hair growth rate.
  • Biotin: It’s also known as vitamin B7. It helps your hair grow faster, and a deficiency in Biotin is linked to hair loss.
  • Zinc: Keeping your zinc up is important, as zinc deficiency leads to hair loss. Zinc also keeps the oil glands in your hair follicles working, and it assists in hair growth and repair.
  • Vitamin E: It’s an antioxidant just like vitamin C, and it also helps keep your hair and scalp shiny and healthy.


These are not the only nutrients that benefit the hair, but these are the ones that you should prioritize when assembling your diet.

Also, note that diet is not the only factor to consider. Hair loss may also occur as a result of male or female pattern baldness, anemia, thyroid disease, or other health conditions. Consult your doctor to see if you have any conditions that might be causing hair loss.

Foods To Prevent Hair Loss

Now that we know the nutrients, let’s look at the food. This is our recommended list of foods to add to your diet to avoid hair loss.



Your mother had a point telling you to eat your vegetables. Spinach is an excellent food for hair growth, being rich in iron, magnesium, folate, and vitamins A and C, making it a nutrient-dense food that will keep your hair healthy and thick.

Oily Fish

Oily Fish

This refers to fish such as herring, sardines, mackerel, trout, and salmon. Oily fish is your best source of omega-3 fatty acids, so they’re great for overall health! They’re also good sources of protein and vitamins D3 and B.



They may be small, but seeds pack many nutrients into a small, low-calorie package, and they’re easy to put into recipes. Their benefit depends on the kind of seed; for our purposes, we recommend chia, pumpkin, and flax seeds. All three are good sources of protein and omega-3 acids. Sunflower seeds are also an excellent source of vitamin E.



Like seeds, berries are a low-calorie, nutrient-rich food that can improve your health. Their main health benefit is being a rich source of antioxidants, especially vitamin C. They also contain other nutrients like manganese, vitamin K, and folate.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

Two particular vitamins are common in sweet potatoes: vitamin A and vitamin B6. Sweet potatoes are so rich in vitamin A that you’ll only need about 30 grams of sweet potato to fill your daily need of vitamin A.



When you need a non-animal source of protein, beans are an excellent choice, and they’re also a good source of zinc, which helps in the cycle of hair growth. Beans also supply iron, biotin, and folate.



A versatile food, easy to add to almost any dish. Eggs contain good amounts of protein and biotin, both of which keep your hair follicles healthy and well-supplied.



Not only are nuts an easy addition to your diet, but they also pack a good amount of nutrients. Vitamin E is most prominent, along with zinc, essential fatty acids like omega-3, and a range of B vitamins.



Though we advise against eating too much meat, it does have its benefits. Red meat is an excellent source of protein and bioavailable iron.



Some doctors recommend oysters as a good source of iron and zinc. Since hair growth is dependent on a good blood supply, keeping your blood well stocked with iron is important. Zinc also keeps your hair healthy.



Avocados provide a good amount of vitamin C, vitamin E, and folate; all of which prevent hair loss.


The right nourishment does wonders for your body, in both appearance and overall health, and this extends to your hair. But when it comes to fighting genetic pattern baldness, a good diet is just a supplementary treatment. 

fue hair transplant

If you want to reverse the early stages of baldness and restore a thinning hairline, Finasteride tablets and minoxidil spray can revitalize shrinking hair follicles, and FUE transplants can completely fill in any bald spots.

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A Closer Look To What Causes Small Breasts In Women

A Closer Look To What Causes Small Breasts In Women

When it comes to breast size, puberty can be a bit of a roll of the dice. Some women receive exactly what they wanted while others don’t exactly get they hoped for.

Breast size can be a huge source of insecurity for many women, especially with so much media emphasis being placed on having ‘perfect boobs’. Some women feel that their breasts simply aren’t big enough, and some women feel that they aren’t shapely enough or perky enough.

We’re going to take a look at why some women have small breasts than others, the reasons they don’t grow, and what can be done if you want to augment the size of your boobs you want.

A Closer Look To What Causes Small Breasts In Women

Why Do I Have Small Breasts?

There are a number of factors & reasons that causes small breast size.

  • Genetics. This is just about one of the biggest causes of small breast size. Just like everything in your body, family history will set the baseline for your breast size. If your family has a history of small breast sizes, it’s going to be more likely that you have small breasts, and vice versa.


  • Hormones. If genetics provides the baseline, the action of hormones will have the most palpable effects on your breasts. They grow as a result of hormonal changes in puberty, they tend to swell when your body is ovulating, and as covered in the next bullet, pregnancy hormones play a part all of their own.
  • Pregnancy. While this strictly falls under hormones, the changes are quite significant. Hormonal changes as a result of pregnancy can increase the size of breasts, and the presence of milk for breastfeeding can increase volume a little further. Note that this is only a temporary size increase; they will return to their previous size approximately three to six months after you cease breastfeeding.


  • Weight. Breasts are made of several tissues, the majority of them being connective tissue and fat. The precise ratios will depend on the individual; for those women whose breasts are composed of more fat than connective tissue, you may notice a big difference in breast size when you gain or lose weight.
  • Exercise. Your pectoral muscles lie behind your breast tissue, and workouts that target them can push the breasts out a little further. This does not strictly do anything for breast size, but it does make them a bit fuller and more noticeable.


  • Medical conditions. Some conditions like Poland syndrome or Turner syndrome can affect the development of breasts during or before puberty.

Asymmetrical Breasts

Breasts are usually asymmetrical in size, shape, or position. Most breasts and nipples tend not to match each other, so unevenness in the chest area is not usually cause for concern. During puberty, each breast generally develops at a slightly different pace, hence the asymmetry, and as we’ve seen, breasts are constantly affected by hormones.

However, if the size difference is over 20%, you may wish to see a doctor, as such a large difference in breast tissue or breast density may be a risk factor for breast cancer.

Asymmetrical Breasts

Solutions For Small Breasts

While it is possible for breast size to increase as body weight increases (breasts are made of fat, after all), this is not a guaranteed size increase for breasts, and thus is not reliable for all women. The only reliable way to truly increase breast size is by augmentation.

The usual method of breast augmentation involves silicone implants, which may be filled by either silicone gel or saline. These are inserted surgically either beneath the pectoral muscle (a submuscular implant) or beneath the breast (a submammary implant). As this is a surgical procedure, some recovery time is necessary; this is generally around two weeks.

While these implants are not permanent, they are reasonably long-lasting, with a lifespan of 7 to 10 years. While there are some possible side effects, most of the time they simply sit there. The biggest downside is that most of the time, they don’t quite look natural.

treatment breast filler

If you want a solution that isn’t quite as invasive and provides increased volume without the awkward look of implants, there is an alternative.

Breast fillers are an injection of hyaluronic acid into the breast, providing increased size. Hyaluronic acid is naturally biocompatible and is in fact already present in your tissues, so there isn’t any chance of rejection. All it does is increase breast size, usually up to one cup larger, and it’ll feel and look entirely natural.

Fillers are not as permanent as implants; they’ll last for about 1 to 3 years at most. Since it’s a simple injection and not a surgical procedure, there is no recovery time, nor will there be any scarring. You can simply return to your typical routine after the procedure is finished. Should you be dissatisfied with the results, the treatment is also easily reversible.

Whether it’s for implants or for fillers, your aesthetic doctor will first perform a consultation to see if you’re eligible for either procedure, then they’ll determine how to achieve the results you want.

treatment breast filler

Tying It All Together

Bust size can form an important part of a woman’s self-image. Thankfully there are a ton of great breast augmentation procedures that give you highly realistic results.

There’s no reason to remain unhappy with your breast size. If you want to discreetly alter the size of your breasts, breast fillers can be a perfect solution with minimal downsides.

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Everything You Need To Know

Permanent Body Hair Removal vs Temporary Body Hair Removal: Everything You Need To Know

We’ve all dealt with hair in our lives. Whether it’s on top of the head or elsewhere on the body, grooming and removing hair just happens to be part of the human condition. But for some particularly hairy people, taming all that body hair can be a real chore.

An excellent solution to your hairy worries are the various forms of permanent body hair removal available us in this modern era; if there’s no hair to care for, then there’s no need to remove it!

There are a lot of ways out there to cut down on how much hair is growing on your body, each varying in convenience and effectiveness. We’re going to look at all of our options to see what works best for people with a little too much hair.

hair removal malaysia

Why Remove Body Hair?

Before we get into that, let’s look at the why.

Body hair removal can be a chore, whether it’s permanent or temporary, and if you’re not doing it yourself, you’re likely paying someone else a good deal of money to do it for you.
So we have to ask, why go through all the trouble?

Most of the time, the reason is simply to look and feel better! Common reasons for hair removal include personal preference, cultural influence, religion, hygiene, or simply to look and feel more confident.

Maybe you love rocking hairless legs or perhaps you prefer to not have pubic hair!
Aesthetics and body confidence are as valid a reason as any. This is especially true among the ladies, where a lot of effort has been made into controlling excessive hair growth in women.

hair removal malaysia

Improving Hygiene With Body Hair Growth

However, body confidence is not the only reason to remove body hair. Hygiene is also a factor, especially in order to reduce body odor. Not all sweat glands are made equal, and only one type is responsible for causing body odor: apocrine sweat glands.

These are largely concentrated around the armpits and the groin, among a few other places on your body.

Now, sweat from the apocrine glands isn’t that bad on its own, but they do gain an odor after bacteria has had time to break the sweat down. Body hair also slows down the evaporation of sweat and gives bacteria more time to cause body odor.

hair removal malaysia

Reducing Body Odor

Removing hair from the armpits and groin helps reduce body odor, especially in tropical climates where temperatures are high and sweating is a part of daily life.

Even without the bonus of reducing body odor, it can be beneficial to remove body hair if you live somewhere tropical; less body hair means sweat evaporates quicker.

Permanent Body Hair Removal vs Temporary Body Hair Removal

Strictly speaking, ‘permanent’ isn’t really the best word. Except for electrolysis, no method of hair removal is ever permanent in the sense that, once you’re done with the treatment, you’ll never grow hair there again.

Most permanent hair removal methods are better thought of as long-term solutions, removing hair for about a few months, at the minimum.

What they do give is what the US Food and Drug Administration defines as ‘permanent hair reduction’, that is, the long-term, stable reduction in how much hair grows back after treatment.

Let’s go over the various ways on how to remove body hair for females, so we can examine each benefit and downsides in comparison to one other. You may already be using some of these in your own grooming routine.

hair removal malaysia

The Classic Options


Shaving is one of the two old and familiar options, but we all know, it’s very far from permanent. It’s easy enough and you can do it yourself, but it’s still time consuming and annoying.

Plus razors wear out eventually, and you’ll have to keep buying new ones. This is really only an option if you don’t mind putting in the work to regularly shave, or if you don’t have much hair to be concerned with.


Plucking is also an old standby, and who doesn’t have a pair of tweezers nearby?

There is also some good news: prolonged plucking eventually damages the hair follicle, which leads to either a finer hair the next time it grows back, or for hair growth to stop entirely.

The problem is that this permanent reduction is not a controllable process. Plucking itself also takes a lot of time and is rather painful.


Waxing is one of the most effective ways to remove large areas of hair in a short time. It does tend to be time-consuming, and it can be painful, but it’s a good option if you find it a hassle to trim daily.

Downsides are that you have to let the hair grow long enough for the wax to get them. You have your choice of at-home kits or professional services, which can come down to a choice between potential messiness or expensive treatments.


Sugaring is a process comparable to waxing. The process is largely similar: a paste made of sugar, lemon, and hot water is applied to the area to be cleared and is then pulled back quickly to remove the hair.

The important difference, which makes sugaring far less painful than waxing, is that the sugar paste only sticks to the hairs, not the skin. It’ll still sting a little, but not nearly as much as waxing. It can be done professionally or at home.

The downside is that it’s not a very common process, so it’ll be a bit more expensive, as fewer professionals are familiar with the process. Plus, again, hair has to be long enough for the paste to catch them.

Both sugaring and waxing will also damage the follicle the same way as plucking does, and after a long time undergoing both, you’ll find treated areas with finer, softer hairs than were there previously. But this does take a long time; you can’t expect a permanent reduction in hair after a few sessions of waxing or sugaring.


Downsides Of Temporary Hair Removal

Here’s a downside to all of the above, though: None of them are anywhere near permanent. At best, you can count on a few weeks before hairs start growing and you have to take care of them again. That can be a chore, so why don’t we look at some longer-lasting solutions?

Technology Meets Grooming

The solutions below are longer-lasting because they also target the follicle and damage it in the process. Where it takes a long time for plucking, waxing, or sugaring to affect the follicles, these methods do so from treatment and are thus the best means of permanent body hair removal.

Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis is the most effective, and it’s the closest we can get to truly permanent hair removal. This involves inserting a tiny metal probe into the hair follicle, then passing an electric current through the probe. This will kill the follicle and inhibit any further growth of hair from that specific follicle.

It’s not particularly painful; there’s some discomfort, but most of the time it’s not really enough to warrant any use of painkillers.

The real downside is that it’s time-consuming. It has to be done for every last follicle you want to get rid of. A fifteen-minute session only gets rid of thirty to forty follicles, and that means it’ll take a very, very long time to clear out large areas.

It’s only really worth it for small areas, so if you want to remove unwanted facial hair permanently, it’s excellent; for other places, it takes far too long.

Permanent Laser Hair Removal Targets the Hair Follicles Underneath Skin

3 Things you missed from our laser hair removal event

Laser Hair Removal & Intense Pulsed Light

Laser hair removal and intense pulsed light both work on the same principle with only slightly different mechanisms. Both of them use either a laser or focused light to heat up and damage hair follicles while leaving the surrounding skin intact.

This is possible because of melanin, the pigment in hair and skin. Darker hair absorbs more energy that doesn’t affect lighter skin, and so the heat passes through the hair and into the follicle.

There’s no need to get all the way in like in electrolysis, so a laser treatment doesn’t take as much time, and so can cover a larger area.

Downsides To Laser Treatment

As with all things, there are downsides to laser treatment. It takes some time, as laser removal works best on hairs in their growing phase, and only a fraction of hair is in that phase at any given time. This means multiple treatments are needed to clear out all the hair in a given area. Generally, most people need about three to six laser treatments.

Other Side Effects

Plus there are possible side effects. On the benign end, there’s redness and irritation. These are common in laser hair removal and are no cause for concern as they generally go away about an hour after your treatment.

There are also pigment changes on your skin, light or dark spots not quite matching your typical skin tone. If these come up, they’ll generally fade within a few days.

If either case persists for longer or looks too severe, speak to your doctor.

Other side effects are rarer. Those who scar easily may experience scarring from laser removal. If you’ve tanned recently before going in for a laser appointment, you may notice a change in skin texture. If you go out in the sun too soon after your procedure, blisters may result.

At-Home Laser & IPL Hair Removal Kits

There are at-home laser and IPL kits available for you to remove your hair permanently without having to visit a professional, at a fraction of the price.

Given the potential side effects of laser and IPL treatments, the American Academy of Dermatology recommends going only to certified dermatologists. Not as convenient or as cheap, but you avoid many of the potential risks.

Laser Hair Removal And Dark Skin

There’s a certain disadvantage to laser removal, inherent in how it targets melanin. Laser hair removal works best on people with dark hair and fair skin since most of their melanin is concentrated in the hair.

People with blonde or red hair are unable to make use of laser removal, as there’s not enough melanin for the laser to act on. Simultaneously, people with darker skin run the risk of side effects or actual skin damage, as the greater amount of melanin in the skin means the laser can’t distinguish between skin and hair, and thus also damages the skin.

hair removal malaysia

Hair Removal using Nd:YAG Technology

But technology advances all the time, and even this hurdle has been cleared. A specific type of laser, the Nd:YAG (neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet, if you’re curious), has been proven to work on darker skin. It operates on a longer wavelength and penetrates deeper into the skin than other laser types, and thus more effectively bypasses the melanin in the skin.

Nd:YAG treatments also pulse for longer, which leaves more time for the skin to cool and avoid damage. The darker the skin, the longer the pulse time, though the same energy is delivered no matter the pulse duration.
The side effects are no worse than what we see with typical laser treatments and are usually on the benign end.

A competent dermatologist will reduce the risk of side effects; the worst you can expect is irritation or maybe a few dark or light spots that will clear out within ten days.

What To Do Before And After Your Laser Hair Removal Appointment

Before The Hair Removal Appointment

First and most important: Shave the area to be treated. Unlike waxing, where the hair needs to grow out for the wax to get a grip, laser hair removal of any kind works better on a clean-shaven surface. This will make sure that the little bit of hair near the follicle is what gets heated, instead of the entire rest of the strand.

If you’ve been tanning or been sunburnt, you can’t go in just yet; wait about two weeks before treatment to avoid any additional damage to the skin.

If you’re using sunless tanning products, chemical peels, and any other skin product that affects the skin, avoid them for about two weeks before and after your treatment and exfoliate the area to be sure you’ve got every trace of it out.

Also, avoid physical activity that increases your blood pressure or body temperature two hours before and after your treatment. If you’re on antibiotics or other medications, check with your physician before going in for treatment.

After The Hair Removal Appointment

For after the appointment, it’s time to go vampire mode. Avoid the sun, or other ultraviolet exposure, for a week after your treatment. If you experience any discomfort after the treatment, apply a cool towel or ice pack, or aloe vera to soothe the skin. Sunscreen is important when you’re going out, SPF 30 or higher, especially if you can’t avoid being in the sun.

If you do get blisters, don’t puncture them. Blisters may occur as a result of the treatment itself, or because the treated skin was exposed to the sun. Keep the blisters loosely covered, and clean the area with soap and water, then apply a bit of petroleum jelly. They’ll subside in about a week or two.

Before & After Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal Before After 01

laser hair removal Before After 01


The days of painful hair removal and regular visits to the beautician are behind us. There are a good many options to control the growth of body hair, and if you want a good long-term solution to unwanted body hair, then laser hair removal is right up your alley.

With Nd: YAG laser treatment, the old concern about dark skin not being the best for laser removal doesn’t matter now. Light-skinned or dark if you’re wondering: how to permanently remove body hair? Laser hair removal is a great option.

So don’t wait up! Schedule your appointment now and start the journey to looking like the best possible version of yourself, groomed and hair-free!.

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How To Reduce Wrinkles On Your Face

How To Reduce Wrinkles On Your Face

Wrinkles for many of us are pretty much an inevitable fact of life. They’re a very common (and natural) sign of aging, although their appearance can be aggravated by a variety of other factors. Wrinkles are not harmful to your health, but frankly our society values youth and beauty, and as a result, many of us spend a lot of time and money trying to fight the good fight against an aging face.

No matter how stoic we like to think we are, we all want to look as young as we feel, we all want to learn how to get rid of those under-eye wrinkles. Thankfully, if you think you might be getting some premature wrinkles, there are many innovative options you can take advantage of to help keep your youthful glow no matter what age you are.

How To Reduce Wrinkles On Your Face

What Causes Wrinkles And Fine Lines?

To understand how to remove wrinkles under the eyes, you first have to understand how wrinkles happen in the first place. They occur in the dermis, which is the second layer of skin, under the top-layer epidermis. It’s made up of collagen and proteins that help keep your skin smooth, tight, and elastic.
As you get older, your body naturally slows down its collagen production, thus causing sags and wrinkles to appear on your face. There are also other factors that contribute to wrinkles, such as:
Genetics: Some people are more predisposed to early-onset wrinkles than others.
Skin type: People with fair or dry complexions get more wrinkles faster than people with oily or dark skin.
Sun exposure: Sun damage is the #1 cause of wrinkles outside of normal aging.
Lifestyle: Smoking, drinking, and unhealthy eating habits can speed up wrinkles. Stress is also another lifestyle factor.
Facial expressions: We naturally move our faces to laugh, smile, talk, eat, etc. Over time, this causes wrinkles.

How To Minimize Wrinkles

Getting rid of your wrinkles can seem like an impossible uphill battle. If you’re struggling with fine lines and wrinkles, don’t worry. Here are some ways you can take back your bright, youthful skin.

How To Reduce Wrinkles On Your Face

Prevent Wrinkles In The First Place

Whether you’re fighting off wrinkles now or worried about them ten years down the line, the most effective way of staying young-looking is by minimizing wrinkles before they form. Don’t stay up too late, get enough quality sleep, and sleep on your back to prevent sleep lines. Hydrate, moisturize, and put on sunscreen on a daily basis. Cut back on bad habits like smoking or drinking alcohol. Incorporate fatty acids into your diet (from avocados, veggies, nuts, and fish) to keep it plump and young.

How To Reduce Wrinkles On Your Face

Seek Professional Advice

Some anti-aging methods are more effective than others. How do you tell the good from the bad? By asking a professional doctor, of course. Consult with us on how to reduce and prevent wrinkles. Our expert doctors could recommend a variety of treatments, such as facials, injections, chemical peels, lasers, dermabrasion, and dermal fillers. Premier Clinic is offering FREE consultations to deal with such skin problems, so please, do give us a call.

Use Anti-Aging Products ASAP

The best anti-aging product is actually sunscreen, especially since increased sun exposure has been found to cause more wrinkles than any other factor. Use AHAs to exfoliate your skin and stimulate collagen production. Retinoids/vitamin A reduce fine lines and wrinkles in the long run as well. In Premier Clinic, we recommend using our line of medical grade skin care, Pristine Skin Care, to help you regain your youthful skin.

Get Dermal Fillers

Get Dermal Fillers

To get rid of wrinkles, we would recommend using fillers to fill in the gaps between the skin. Hyaluronic acid fillers are a fast and painless way to achieve naturally youthful skin. You can combine dermal fillers with other skin-tightening treatments like Botox to get the maximum age-defying effect. Premier Clinic’s expert doctors can advise you on the amount of fillers needed and adjust your budget accordingly.

Dermal Fillers Injection

Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers, Kuala Lumpur, explained by Dr Kee Yong Seng

How To Reduce Wrinkles On Your Face

Wrinkle Removal FAQ

Can I Prevent Wrinkles Forever?

Unless you go under the knife or get regular dermal fillers, you cannot stave off wrinkles forever. What you CAN do is help reduce their appearance.

Can I Use AHAs, Vitamin C, And Tretinoin At The Same Time?

It’s tempting to go overboard and use as many skincare products as possible, but more products won’t always equal better results. Layering skincare is almost as important as what products you use; not all skincare products are compatible. You will either have to choose one type of anti-aging product or learn how to alternate them in your routine.

When Should I Start Worrying About Wrinkles?

Technically, it’s never too young to start on your skincare routine. However, young people in their 20s don’t need to do as much to minimize wrinkles than someone in their 40s or 50s. The best thing you can do at that age is to wear lots of sunscreen, moisturize, get lots of sleep, and eat well.

How To Reduce Wrinkles On Your Face


Not everyone can age gracefully and love the skin they’re in. For most people, wrinkles become a major issue as they get older. You can’t stop yourself from aging, but you can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles through the right lifestyle, the right anti-aging products, and the right dermal fillers.

Premier Clinic offers FREE CONSULTATION session for those who are having the acne scar problem. Kindly revert to our Whatsapp at 012-662-5552 or email at contactus@premier-clinic.com where our friendly customer service will help you to make an appointment.

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How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars

How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars

Pimples, blackheads, and breakouts are bad enough on their own, but acne scars and marks are a whole other level of frustrating. Even if you clear out the acne successfully, acne scars can be a painfully permanent reminder of your past skin struggles.

Instead of suffering from low self-esteem or trying to cover it up with makeup, it’s time to get rid of those marks. Whether you choose to do it at home or with a professional, here’s a quick comprehensive guide on how to clear acne scars.



What Causes Acne Scars?

Acne scars and marks usually appear on the skin after a breakout. When acne lesions caused by papules, pustules or cysts become inflamed, they run the risk of causing permanent damage to the skin’s surface. They may vary in appearance but generally manifest as red/brown marks, depressions in the surface, or raised skin textures.

8 out of 10 people aged 11 to 30 get acne but not everyone is affected by acne scars in the same way. Some people are more prone to long-lasting acne scars due to genetics, skin type, or bad skin habits. People with lighter skin tones are more prone to scarring while those with darker complexions are more often plagued by post-acne hyperpigmentation.

Sun exposure can cause blemishes to darken, making them last longer and harder to remove. Other habits like picking at and popping pimples can worsen inflammation and scarring as well.

What Causes Acne Scars?

Types Of Acne Scars

We lump together many different kinds of skin damage under the term “acne scars” but there are, in fact, many different kinds. Once you know what kind of scarring you have, you can find the most appropriate way of treating it.

Types Of Acne Scars

Skin Discoloration

Skin Discoloration

Also known as acne marks or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, skin discoloration isn’t technically an acne scar. However, these can remain visible for months or even years after the pimple has disappeared. Characteristics of skin discoloration include broken blood vessels on the face, red lesions, or brown marks on the surface of the skin. Skin discoloration is smooth to the touch.

Raised Acne Scars

Raised Acne Scars

Raised acne scars can give off the appearance of rough skin texture. These are caused by excessive collagen and enlarged growths of tissue on the face. They may look like cystic acne or closed comedones and are firm/tender to the touch. Raised acne scars are also called hypertrophic scars or keloids.

Depressed Acne Scars

Depressed Acne Scars

If you have small pits or craters on the face, then you have depressed acne scars. These happen when there is not enough tissue made during the acne healing process. There are three main kinds of depressed acne scars:
Ice pick: sunken, pin-prick like depressions in the skin; may resemble enlarged pores
Boxcar: sharp, wide, shallow depressions with angular edges
Rolling: wave-like, wide, shallow depressions with rounded edges

How To Treat Acne Scars

Some dark marks and scars go away on their own with time, but you can definitely speed up the process. There are many different scar treatment methods, both DIY and professional, that you can employ to reduce the appearance of acne scars.

Everyone’s skin needs are unique, so there’s no single solution for everyone, and the same solution can produce very different results in different people. Some dermatologists will even recommend that you combine different methods to get maximum results. Here are the various ways you can minimize acne scars.

Prevent Scars From Forming

Prevent Scars From Forming

The best way to reduce acne scars? Don’t get them in the first place. Don’t use harsh, irritating facial scrubs. Cleanse your face once or twice a day. Switch to non-comedogenic makeup and skincare products. Never pop or pick at your pimples. Always use sunscreen, even on cloudy days. For those who are worried of their sensitive skin, we would recommend using a medical grade skincare to help curb the problem before it turns into scar. Our Pristine skincare line contains essential ingredients for every types of skin.

Talk To A Dermatologist

Talk To A Dermatologist

Our expert doctors will be able to recommend the best course of treatment and educate you on how to prevent future scarring. Some of the methods we recommend include microdermabrasion, chemical peels, acid peels, fillers, surgical incisions, laser treatments, or oral antibiotics.

Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliate Regularly

For those wondering how to remove acne scars or at least reducing their appearance; exfoliation is a safe and effective supplementary treatment. Once or twice a week, make sure to exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells and promote skin cell turnover. Swap out your abrasive physical scrubs for a gentle chemical exfoliator, like alpha hydroxy (glycolic) acids or beta hydroxy (salicylic) acids.

Use The Right Products

Introduce anti-inflammatory and skin-brightening products like vitamin C, vitamin E, tretinoin/retinol, or collagen. Used correctly and in the right amounts, these can fade pigmentation, shrink pores, prevent acne, and smoothen out skin.

Get Laser Treatment For Acne Scars

Get Laser Treatment For Acne Scars

For a more instantaneous effect, we would recommend using laser treatment. Fractional Laser Resurfacing is best for those with severe scarring or people who just want a fast, safe, and effective way to remove acne scars. It promotes younger, healthier skin by speeding up your skin’s natural healing process. Thanks to advancements in technology, there is basically no downtime or discomfort during the treatment process. Make your reservation now with our expert doctors to have the best laser treatment in town!

Pico Laser for Perfect Skin

Dr Vanessa was spotted performing a Pigmentation Removal Laser

Acne Scar Treatment FAQ

Can I Use DIY Home Treatments To Get Rid Of Acne Scars?

While many blogs can claim to provide you with at-home recipes to brighten skin and lighten marks, crafting your own skincare products is very risky. Best case scenario is that it works; worst case scenario is that it makes your acne scars even worse while exacerbating other skin problems.

Will Washing My Face More Often Reduce My Acne Scars?

Dermatologists do recommend that you wash your face once or twice a day to remove dirt, debris, and oil, but over-washing can dry out and irritate your skin. Cleansing, on its own, does not minimize scarring.

Any Other Tips For Good Skin?

-Drink lots of water.
-Eat healthy food and increase your fruit/veggie intake.
-Remove your makeup before sleeping.
-Do not over-exfoliate or use too many products.
-Do research before you buy products or undergo any kind of acne scar treatment.

How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars


Acne scars can be a huge source of embarrassment or frustration for many, but it doesn’t have to be. Consult with a dermatologist to start looking for options, and begin your journey to better, brighter, clearer skin.

Premier Clinic offers FREE CONSULTATION session for those who are having the acne scar problem. Kindly revert to our Whatsapp at 012-662-5552 or email at contactus@premier-clinic.com where our friendly customer service will help you to make an appointment.

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What You Need to Know if You Have A Small Penis

Penis enlargement in Malaysia is still generally considered quite a taboo topic, with few people willing to discuss this subject, and even fewer outlets that offer such treatments to the public. But if you have what is considered a small penis, it might just all be in your head. According to Jessica O’Reilly, Ph.D., sexologist and founder of The Sexual Pro Series Webinars, only 6% of women would classify their partner’s penis as “small” while a healthy 84% are very satisfied with its size. So, is it really all mental?

Getting more comfortable with your size

Getting more comfortable with your size

According to O’Reilly, a lot of men tend to equate having a larger penis to being more macho or desirable, but as mentioned earlier, it really just is a mental placebo of sorts. With the average vagina being around 3.5 inches in an unaroused state, there really is no need for men to be boasting about being larger than 8 inches.

In fact, many women have complained that their partner’s penis is too big, which can potentially lead to painful intercourse. Large penises are usually only suitable for women with long vaginal canals – in short, it is a matter of body anatomy and suitability as opposed to any notions of masculinity or machismo!


Furthermore, bigger does not necessarily mean better. You cannot just “show up” and expect your size to do the work for you! There are various factors that ensure sexual satisfaction for your partner, including physical and emotional chemistry. Size is just a single factor, and is often even not the most important when considering sexual satisfaction.

For example, a taller man will not make a better husband or partner while having a well-toned, muscular body will not automatically make you more successful in life. Using similar logic, there is no size that will automatically elevate you to become a fantastic sexual partner. The importance of size is often confined to the mental state of the individual in question.

Penis enlargement procedures

Despite all this, if you would still like to seek penile enlargement treatments, there are some options available at Premier Clinic.

Penis Enlargement Before & After

Penis Enlargement via Dermal Fillers

One of the most popular procedures for penis enlargement in Malaysia is via dermal fillers. This treatment procedure is fairly quick as it only takes about one hour to complete. Dermal fillers will be injected into the glans penis, which is the head, as well as the penis shaft in order to boost up its size. A very fine needle is used for this penile enlargement procedure in order to minimise discomfort. Gains will be most noticeable in the circumference of the penis, with most patients very satisfied with the finished product due to its natural-looking appearance.

From A Lady’s Finger To An Eggplant! Penis Enlargement Explained!


PRP Injection

Another penis enlargement treatment that is highly favoured is the PRP injection, also known as p-shot. Strictly speaking, it is more of an enhancement rather than a penile enlargement treatment as it helps to boost blood flow to the penis. This leads to firmer erections and increased sexual pleasure. Using plasma rich platelets from your own body, this results in the increased production of new stem cells and growth factors in the penis.

Penis Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Procedure in Premier Clinic

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Penile Rejuvenation by Dr Foo

At Premier Clinic, we will take your privacy extremely seriously as we understand that the subject of penis enlargement is not something that is widely discussed and shared, and may even be a source of embarrassment for some. If you would like to know more about penis enlargement injections or other forms of male enhancement treatments, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 012-662 5552 (TTDI/Bangsar/KL City branch) or 016-706 0101 (Puchong branch) to schedule a FREE consultation session.

Alternatively, you may email us at contactus@premier-clinic.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Why Do Ladies Prefer Fairer Skin

Why Do Ladies Prefer Fairer Skin?

The trend of skin whitening is nothing new for Asian women, with many believing that it is more desirable to have a lighter skin tone. Whether they have skin whitening procedures done or take skin whitening supplements for personal or professional reasons, there is no doubt that this practice is widespread.

Although some may dispute the morality or motive behind skin whitening, there is no denying that it is looked on more favourably in certain parts of the world. In both South and East, fair skinned individuals are plastered across the media and promote products relentlessly. Celebrities and high society often have fairer skin tones and are constantly thrust into the limelight. This is largely down to one thing – fair skin is often seen as a status symbol.

Why Do Ladies Prefer Fairer Skin

In India, the market for whitening creams and salves has grown massively to become an industry worth about US$400 million annually. Furthermore, a marketing study conducted in 2014 found that about 90% of female respondents said that skin lightening was considered a high need for them. With such ingrained beliefs, it is not surprising that India’s market for skin whitening supplements and procedures is so big.

Why Do Ladies Prefer Fairer Skin


Aside from conventional skin whitening supplements and creams, individuals that want to undergo skin whitening treatments can look into procedures like vitamin C therapy and glutathione therapy.

Vitamin C therapy consists of a solution that can be absorbed directly into your bloodstream, making it a fast-acting treatment for skin whitening. It is administered using very fine needles and works by stopping the production of melanin in your skin, which is a pigment that protects your skin from UV rays but also causes it to become darker. As there is no need to remember to follow a regular schedule of taking oral supplements, it is suitable for busy working individuals as the treatments can be scheduled a long time apart.

vitamin C therapy

glutathione therapy


Another treatment method is glutathione therapy, which involves introducing more vitamin E nutrients into your skin. As a strong anti-oxidant, the glutathione neutralizes free radicals that are harmful to your body while causing the regeneration of other antioxidants such as vitamin E. It is thought that vitamin E helps to reduce your skin’s production of melanocytes which leads to less melanin being produced overall. Glutathione therapy also improves your overall health as it latches onto harmful substances in your body before it is naturally disposed of via urine or bile.


At Premier Clinic, we believe in making people feel comfortable in their own skin. We strongly advise individuals that want to undergo vitamin C therapy or glutathione therapy to be fully certain of their decision and to consider all aspects and the impact of having such a procedure done. If you are keen to undergo skin whitening procedures such as vitamin C or glutathione therapy, we encourage you to book a free consultation session with us before treatment.

Our team of friendly and expert doctors will be on hand to offer guidance and explain the entire process thoroughly during the initial consultation session to ensure that you will understand the bigger picture. It will also ensure that the downtime and recovery period will be smoother as you will know what to expect.

Premier Clinic

If you would like to know more about vitamin C therapy, glutathione therapy or other types of skin whitening treatments available at Premier Clinic as well as its benefits for your skin, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 012-662 5552 (TTDI/Bangsar/KL City branch) or 016-706 0101 (Puchong branch) to schedule a FREE consultation session.

Alternatively, you may email us at contactus@premier-clinic.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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How Does Vitamin C Whiten Your Skin?

How Does Vitamin C Whiten Your Skin?

Many people are constantly wondering how to whiten their skin, be it for personal or professional reasons. Vitamin C is well known for its skin benefits, and it can also be used to whiten your skin. With both men and women becoming more and more concerned about their appearance, many are now seeking various treatments and procedures to whiten their skin safely.

And it is not just your regular everyday folk that are getting into this. A-list celebrities such as Beyonce and Rihanna have also sought out skin whitening treatments as maintaining a good look is part of their job, so rest assured that you are not alone in this pursuit!

How Does Vitamin C Whiten Your Skin?

How does vitamin C therapy work?

It is believed that vitamin C helps to stop the production of melanin in the skin, which is a pigment that protects against UV rays but also darkens your skin. Vitamin C therapy is also popular as it is a very safe treatment, and can be administered to your skin in higher concentration dosages. It is also a procedure that is close to painless, with minimal discomfort caused by the very fine needles used.

Using this method, the vitamin C can also be absorbed directly into the blood stream, meaning that it can begin to take effect faster compared to oral skin whitening supplements. In addition, the full dosage of vitamin C is also absorbed instead of supplements that only deliver a fraction of what it promises after going through the digestion process. This can also be administered through the use of drips, but it is dependent on the clinic’s capability to offer such a treatment method.

 vitamin C therapy

Vitamin C therapy is very suitable for busy individuals as there is no need to constantly remember to take supplements regularly. The therapy can be scheduled in between long gaps, ensuring that you will enjoy the long-term benefits of vitamin C treatment, while also being more cost effective on your wallet compared to supplements. In addition, a side benefit includes weight loss as the vitamin C will help your body to burn fat during moderate exercise. This will ensure you look better as a whole, and not just because of your lighter skin tone.

 vitamin C therapy

Is this for me?

At Premier Clinic, our highly experienced and friendly team of doctors will be more than happy to sit down with you during a complimentary consultation session to discuss how to whiten your skin. The various types of vitamin C therapy available can have many benefits for you, and it is best to come in to speak to us directly in order to get a thorough understanding of the vitamin C skin whitening procedure. Currently, there are no known serious side effects as a result of vitamin C therapy. You will only experience minor skin bruising, which should subside after a few hours.

In addition, our doctors will help you gauge how effective vitamin C therapy will be for your particular situation, as well as discussing other aspects such as the recovery period and how long it may take before results are noticeable. All this information will be able to help you decide if skin whitening treatments are suitable for you, with all the facts laid out before you.

Multi Vitamin Cocktail Injection

If you would like to know more about vitamin C benefits for skin or other skin whitening supplements available at Premier Clinic, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 012-662 5552 (TTDI/Bangsar/KL City branch) or 016-706 0101 (Puchong branch) to schedule a free consultation session.

Alternatively, you may email us at contactus@premier-clinic.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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How To Boost You Confidence With Genital Skin Whitening

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FAQ: Mesolipo For Fat Loss (Injection for Fat Melting)

Mesolipo treatments are readily available in Malaysia, and we at Premier Clinic are no different. It is a form of slimming injection that can help to remove cellulite, contour your body, or just melt stubborn fats away. The mesolipo treatment will target localised fat deposits and cellulite, resulting in noticeable fat reduction and weight loss without the need for complicated surgery. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about mesolipo for fat loss.

The mesolipo treatment will target localised fat deposits and cellulite

How does it work?

As mesolipo has been in Malaysia for some time, the procedure is quite well-mapped out. As mentioned above, the substances in the injection will target stubborn fat or deposits. These substances will then slowly break down and dissolve the fats, with the injection solution often consisting of various enzymes and a soy bean lecithin which is all natural.

Depending on the type of fat melting or dissolving that your particular situation needs, some other agents may include deoxycholate, artitrans, phosphatidylcholine or caffeine. Your aesthetic doctor will explain the effects of each solution during the initial consultation session to ensure you fully understand how the process works.

HCG Fat Loss Treatment

Does the mesolipo fat melting injection hurt?

There may be minimal pain or discomfort during the mesolipo treatment but this is largely psychological, and may be amplified if you have a fear of needles. You can expect some pain shortly after the injection as the solution begins to take effect and destroys some cells, with the fat being released into the tissue surrounding the treatment area.

However, there are painkillers and anaesthetic treatments available to help ensure that the procedure is as comfortable as possible for you. Other solutions such as ice packs to numb the skin may also be available depending on which branch you are at.

Fit Melting Injection

What can I expect from the mesolipo fat melting injection?

There are some side effects as a result of the mesolipo treatment, with bruising being the most common. It can last for up to a week and occurs due to the injection puncturing the blood vessels in the skin. You may also notice some minor swelling which may subside after a few days and is also a normal part of the procedure.

The inflammatory process will also result in some skin tenderness, which also doubles as an indicator of the mesotherapy at work. It may take anywhere from 1-2 weeks to heal fully, and as long as your skin remains tender, you should not go for a follow up session. Do be sure to consult your doctor if you are unclear about what the skin tenderness indicates.

MesoLipo Fat Melting Injection

MesoLipo Fat Melting Injection

Fractional CO2 Laser

MesoLipo Fat Melting Injection

How long will it take to see results?

This depends on your particular situation as well as factors such as the amount of fat, the type of solution used and the use of fat melting technology. For example, if you are targeting love handles, results can often be noticed after just one session. A week following the slimming injection, you should be able to see the contouring taking effect.

All treatments should be spaced around 1-2 weeks apart, with your doctor responsible for determining this cooldown period depending on your particular condition. The number of sessions that you may need will vary from person to person, and your doctor will advise you accordingly.

Premier Clinic

If you would like to know more about slimming injections such as mesolipo fat melting injection or other types of mesolipo treatments, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 012-662 5552 (TTDI/Bangsar/KL City branch) or 016-706 0101 (Puchong branch) to schedule a free consultation session.

Alternatively, you may email us at contactus@premier-clinic.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Aesthetic Treatment

What To Do and What Not To Do Before and After Your Aesthetic Procedure

What To Do After Your Aesthetic Procedure

You’ve decided to go for an aesthetic procedure. Now, you’re wondering if there are any do’s and don’ts before and after your procedure.

Here are some useful insights that might help you clear your doubts:

1. You will likely experience soreness and mild pain for a few days after the procedure. Get your aesthetic doctor to prescribe pain killers in case of discomfort.

2. Apply ice to the area for 10-15 minutes immediately after the treatment as this will reduce the pain and swelling. However, do not put too much pressure on it.

3. It is important to minimise movement as much as possible. Do not move around excessively. If you have just underwent a facial procedure, then you should watch your facial movement when eating and chewing, talking, yawning, smiling, etc. You might also want to avoid smoking or drinking from a straw for a period of time.

4. Avoid alcohol. This is because alcohol may increase the risk of swelling – alcohol has an adverse effect on most medications and can affect its effectiveness.

5. As it takes 12-14 days to fully recover from the procedure, it is best that you limit social meet-ups or events, although it is not an easy thing to do.

Aesthetic Procedure Kuala Lumpur

Aesthetic Procedure Kuala Lumpur

6. Do not sleep on the treated area for at least a week.

7. Avoid direct sunlight or sun-tanning for up to 21 days.

8. Avoid massages and all other aesthetic treatments for 3 weeks until you have fully recovered.This also includes visits to spas and saunas. Only after you have fully recovered, should you consider another procedure – though it’s not advisable to do it immediately after recovering. A good time to consider another procedure would perhaps be 6 months later. This, however, is dependent on your healing process. Consult your aesthetic doctor and they will advise you accordingly.

9. Do avoid high impact and contact sports such as running, kick-boxing, etc. for at least 2 to 3 weeks.

10. Lastly, you should also definitely avoid any dental treatment after the procedure.

It takes time to see the results of the treatment, which usually takes around two to three weeks. So, do be patient and wait until the end of this duration before you assessing if you are happy with the reults.

Our team at Premier Clinic will be more than happy to assist you every step of the way. Do not hesitate to contact any member of the team if you have any concerns.

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How Can I Tell If A Beauty Procedure is Right For Me?

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