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Snow Whitening Promo

Snow Whitening – Be The Fairest Of Them All



The ever so popular phrase came from the Disney movie Snow White, which the protagonist is a pretty, beautiful, kind-hearted young girl with flourishing glowing skin.

Since ages, people have been always attracted to fair, glowing skin. Psychologically speaking, people associated lighter colours with cleanliness and personal hygiene.

Unfortunately, overexposure to sun and lifestyle may not always succumb to your idea of having a light skin.

Worry not. Premier Clinic has come up with PREMIER SNOW WHITENING to help you achieve until 3 tones lighter than your current skin tones.

Snow Whitening Promo


PREMIER SNOW WHITENING is a combination of treatments namely Multivitamin Cocktail (7 sessions), Pristine White Supplement (2 months), and Pristine Stemcell Masks (11 pieces). The treatment intensively helps your skin to recover, and repair the hyperpigmented skin cells.

It supplies your body with the necessary nutrients to rejuvenate your skin. It also boosts your collagen production to improve your skin look, texture and color. The multivitamin cocktails include Vitamin D,C,E, and K which are vital for our skin.

multivitamin cocktails

Whereas, Pristine White Supplement contains glutathione and pure anti-oxidant milk extracted from natural resources to rejuvenate the skin from within. The herbal ingredients are high in nutrients and anti-oxidants element to lighten the skin complexion and fights off aging symptoms.

Pristine White

The Glutathione also helps to fade acne scars and pigmentation appearance.

Whilst, the Pristine Bio Cellulose Stemcell Mask helps replenishes and restores moisture for dry skin. It also contains active peptides and stemcells to repair and improve skin overall condition.

Pristine StemCell Mask

PREMIER SNOW WHITENING is suitable for all skin condition, all ages and all ethnicity.

Get it from our branches near you with only RM5000 (normal price: RM7500).


The Premier Snow Whitening can help you to:

  • Increase skin complexion and brightness
  • Increase skin suppleness
  • Increase skin laxity
  • Increase skin moisture
  • Boosts collagen production
  • Improve uneven skin tones
  • Reduce pigmentation
  • Reduce excess sebum production
  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reduce appearance of acne scars
  • Fight off aging symptoms


Snow Whitening Promo


Premier Snow Whitening is suitable for all groups of people who have these problems:

  • Dark complexion
  • Dull, tired looking skin
  • Uneven skin tones
  • Dry skin
  • Wrinkles, fine lines
  • Sagging skin
  • Acne scars
  • Pigmentation

Golden Record Award WhatClinic.com MyDOC.my MERZ Aesthetics TallyPress.com


Our patients chose us to help with their problems because of our experience in aesthetic industry. We started from 2014 as one of the pioneers of aesthetic medical practices in Malaysia. Our 9 doctors are all qualified and trained to perform medical procedures. We are registered under the Ministry of Health Malaysia, and our doctors possesses LCP (Letter of Credentialing and Priviledging), – which is a tell whether your doctor is qualified to perform procedures on you or not.

Besides that, we have received a lot of acknowledgement and awards from multiple organisations i.e 8 awards from Harper’s Bazaar, Top 3 Aesthetic Clinic in Klang Valley by TallyPress, Top Hair Transplant Provider in Asia Pacific by Global Travel and Health Magazine, and many more.

Snow Whitening


Premier Snow Whitening is available in all our branches across Klang Valley. We are available in PuchongMont KiaraKL CityBangsarCheras and TTDI.

You can make appointment to come for a consultation session at your most convenient time. Please feel free to reach out to us at:

Whatsapp/Call: +6012-662-5552

Email: contactus@premier-clinic.com

Our customer service representatives are available from 8am to 12 mid night EVERYDAY, 365 days a year.

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“I was born with a dark complexion. It definitely affected my confidence as kids used to make fun of me very often. In school, I was teased a lot because of my dark skin. When I first met Dr Chan, she suggested me to do this treatment. So far, my skin has become lighter, dare to say at least 3-4 skin tones lighter than before. I’m really impressed and satisfied with their service.”

Lilly M
, 28
did Premier Snow Whitening in Premier Clinic Bangsar on 12th June 2019.


 “What an incredible treatment! I went from dark to lighter skin in just 2 weeks. Absolutely love the result.”

Asha Menon
, 32
did Premier Snow Whitening in Premier Clinic Cheras on 23rd May 2019.


“I used to have a very dull and dark skin. I can barely go out in the sun, worrying it will get worst. Eversince I started this treatment with Dr Joycelyn, my skin is getting better and look more fresher. My husband say I look like in my wedding day every day now!”

K. Ananda
did Premier Snow Whitening in Premier Clinic TTDI on 4th August 2019.


“As a model, it is very important for me to keep up with my look. One time, I went to Krabi and did Island Hopping there. As a result, my skin darkened and there were a lot of skin pigmentation, dark spots happens. It took me sometime to recover but after I did this treatment, the recovery suddenly so “speedingly”. Now I have no worries anymore. I always look camera-ready now. Hahaha”

, 26,
did Premier Snow Whitening in Premier Clinic KL City on 17th July 2019.


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Premier Clinic 5th Year Jubilee Anniversary


5th Year Jubilee Anniversary


Join our Premier Day at Premier Clinic Bangsar on 6th October 2019 to celebrate our 5th year anniversary in aesthetic business. We will be having celebrities, contests with prized worth RM20,000, exciting activities including REAL LIVE MAKEOVER and interactive forum.

Entrance is FREE for all. Contact us at +6012-662-5552 or email contactus@premier-clinic.com to reserve your seat.

Premier X

Premier Clinic will launch our PREMIERX (Premier Clinic reward programme), the best reward programme among aesthetic clinics in Malaysia. Our clients can get rewarded with just staying attractive.

We’ll also launch our Result-Guaranteed Policy. Guests can be assured of our services and enjoy our treatments with confident! We are the ONE and ONLY aesthetic clinic in the business that guarantees result to the clients.


Our guests will be able to engage with invited celebrities and participate in our contests, standing a chance to win prizes worth RM20,000! Our makeover will feature a REAL LIVE candidate who have sunken eyes, wrinkles and our doctors will perform quick procedures to reveal an AMAZING transformation!

The programme will be as follow:


2:00pm – Patient arrival & registration for lucky draw
2:15pm – Speech by Founders
2:20pm – Launching of PremierX (Premier Clinic Reward Program) & Result Guaranteed Policy
2:25pm – Introduction of Subject for Premier Makeover
2:30pm – Start Premier Clinic Forum (Invited guests: Shaarin Razali, Yasmin Ahmad & Along Cham)
3:30pm – Premier Clinic Forum ends
3:35pm – Announcement the WINNER of Weight Loss Competition
3:40pm – Announcement of the winner of Likes & Share Contest
3:45pm – Reveal of Subject transformation of Premier Makeover

Be sure to join us. Look forward to see you there!


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How To Prevent Hair Loss

How To Prevent Hair Loss: Six Techniques To Prevent Both Hair Thinning & Hair Loss

Protecting Your Crowning Glory: How To Prevent Hair Loss

Although women are generally assumed to be more concerned with their looks, you’ll find a lot of men who worry when they start going bald. 

The whole thing can be rather shocking; one moment you’ve got a great head of hair, and you don’t even think about baldness. Then a couple years down the line you look in the mirror and notice that your forehead turned into a five-head  “What the hell happened!?”

But what if you could stop it? What if you could keep your glorious mane your whole life? What if we told you there’s a way for you to keep baldness at bay until you’re old and gray! 

How To Prevent Hair Loss

The Basics Of Hair Growth: The 3 Stages To A Hair Life Cycle

First off, a certain amount of hair loss is perfectly normal. There are three stages in the life-cycle of a human hair.

  1. The anagen, or growth phase, lasts anywhere between three to five years, depending on your genetics. The follicle grows hair out until it reaches its maximum length.
  2. After anagen is finished, the hair follicle enters the catagen or transitional phase. The follicle shrinks and cuts off blood supply to the hair strand it supports. This lasts for about two weeks.
  3. The telogen, or resting phase, is one to four months long. During this time, the follicle is dormant as it recovers and regrows to support another hair. When the follicle regrows another hair, it pushes out the old hair—and that’s what you’ll be seeing in the shower, and on your pillow at night.

The average person loses about 100 hairs per day. Aging will inevitably take a toll on your hair density, but if you start losing handfuls of hair per day, then you’re probably on your way to a slick bald head.


How To Prevent Hair Loss: 6 Techniques

There are many methods for keeping your hair nice and thick. These can range from simple everyday solutions to drastic but effective surgical options.

How To Prevent Hair Loss

Stress Management Can Keep Help Prevent Hair Loss

Stress causes hair follicles to enter a rest period and cease hair growth, while anxiety releases a hormone called cortisol, which causes fluctuations in the levels of other hormones. This combination will cause the balding process speeds up. 

Thus, stress management is a great way to keep your hairline intact. Control your stress however you can; whether it’s meditation, yoga, exercise, or whatever else. 

Keeping your mind healthy and centered can significantly cut down on hair loss.


Cut Back On The Styling: Let Your Hair Follicles Heal!

Some of the things we do to our hair can do damage if done over a long period of time. Using a shampoo that’s too strong for your hair can dry it out and cause breakage. Applying high heat can also damage your hair, so go easy on the blow dryers, hair straighteners, and curling irons. The same goes for chemical treatments like straightening, bleaching, and dying. The less stress you put on your hair, the longer it’ll last.

Cut Back On The Styling

Use Minoxidil (Rogaine) To ‘Reset’ Your Hair Growth Cycle

In between the preventive lifestyle changes and the expensive surgical options, there’s one available over the counter. It’s best known under the brand name of Rogaine, and the generic name minoxidil. Most people who apply it see hair loss slowed or fully stopped, and in about 25% of those who use minoxidil, revitalized hair follicles grow new hair.

It comes as a foam or a lotion and is applied directly to the scalp. It works by ‘resetting’ the growth cycle of your hair, putting them back into the anagen phase. This does mean that you may experience slightly greater hair loss in the first few weeks after you start using, but that’s just the old hair giving way to the new hair.

Note that formulas differ for men and women. Men will be fine with the 5% formula, while women are better served by a 2% formula. This is because an excessive concentration of minoxidil leads to certain side effects in women like unwanted facial hair growth.

With that said, It isn’t a perfect answer to all hair loss. Minoxidil is most effective for people under 40, and it’s best used as soon as you see the initial signs of hair loss. It won’t help complete baldness.

Platelet rich plasma injection procedure. Hair growth stimulation. PRP therapy process.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Revitalises Hair Follicles

In this treatment, blood is taken from a patient and mechanically separated in order to create platelet-rich plasma which is then injected into the scalp. Simple right?

The platelets then revitalize the hair follicles, leading to healthier and stronger hair. The number of necessary injections will depend on the individual; your doctor will consult with you to see what’s necessary.

You can expect visible results in five to eight months, though new growth starts occurring at around two months. There is almost no risk of side effects, as it’s your own blood that’s being used; the most common side-effect is minor swelling for up to a week following the procedure.


Hair Follicle Transplants

Hair transplants have aged like fine wine! Once upon a time, they were a hack job that left you looking like a zombie. But technology and techniques have only gotten better and better. And now it performs miracles!

We use the Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE procedure, which harvests tiny punctures containing one to four hairs from a donor area, usually from the back of the head. These are then transplanted into the intended area to fill in thinning hair.

Before you undergo the procedure, our doctors will consult with you to identify what areas will receive the transplants, and plan with you to achieve a natural-looking hairline. Then the hair in the donor area will be trimmed to identify ideal donor hairs. Overall, it’s a minimally-invasive procedure, using a specialized tool for the task. The extraction causes no scarring, and no stitches will be needed after the procedure.

There are two downsides, one immediate and one long-term. The immediate downside is that, for a few days after your procedure, you’ll have to keep your head elevated and above your heart at all times, including while you’re asleep. This means sleeping upright or making similar arrangements. This is so that the blood pressure around your scalp does not affect the healing of the follicles transplanted there.

The long-term downside is that it takes a while for the transplanted hairs to visibly appear. There will be some minor hair growth after the procedure, but all the transplanted hairs will fall out, and proper growth will only start after that. All in all, it takes about a year for the final results to be visible. Hair grows slowly, after all.

Hair Follicle Transplants

Low-Light Laser Therapy Helps To Stimulate Hair Follicles

The newest addition to our treatments is one that doesn’t involve chemicals, medications, or even anything that penetrates the skin. That’s Low-Light Laser Therapy. As you’d guess from the name, this uses a low-level red laser to irradiate your scalp and stimulate the hair follicles. This encourages hair growth, leading to a stronger and healthier hair.

It might sound odd to use lasers to repair your body, but it all depends on what kind of laser you use. Lasers of a similar type have been used to alleviate pain, prevent tissue damage, and promote wound healing for decades now.

Hair regrowth is the oldest of these possible uses; in fact, it was how low-light laser therapy was discovered. Endre Mester, a Hungarian physician, experimented on removing skin cancers using low-level lasers, and while he failed to affect the tumors, he did notice much faster hair regrowth on the mice he had treated. Now, it’s a painless and non-invasive way to prevent hair loss.

Stimulate Hair Follicles

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Laser Hair Therapy

As with any treatment, there are upsides and downsides.

Advantages of Laser Hair Therapy

  • It’s non-invasive with virtually no side effects. You just sit on a chair and the doctor does all the work with the laser running over your scalp. The laser itself is a low-level one, applied for a very short time.
  • It’s completely painless and has no downtime. You won’t feel a thing! Just rest in the nice, comfy chair while the doctor takes care of your hair.
  • Laser treatments slow hair loss and encourage hair growth. The laser strengthens the hair follicles, so the hairs that were in danger of falling out are now saved. Plus those follicles that were struggling to produce new hair get a boost!


Disadvantages of Laser Hair Therapy

  • It’s time-consuming. The earliest you can see results is two months after you start, and the treatment itself takes about an hour each visit.
  • It’s ineffective on patients who have already been severely bald for years. Not all treatments can work for everyone, and lasers can’t save a dead hair follicle.

Overall, LLLT is one of the most effective ways to stop hair loss in its tracks, especially when it’s paired with other hair restoration treatments like PRP and follicle transplants.


Learning How To Prevent Hair Loss Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful

Hair loss may be a fact of life, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept a receding hairline. If you want to keep a full head of hair, we can certainly accommodate you. We have all the right procedures available, and with consultation, we can come up with an effective course to prevent hair loss. 

There’s no need to worry about hair loss any longer; we’ve got the solution for you. Book your appointment now!

Prevent Hair Loss

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How To Lose Belly Fat

How To Lose Belly Fat: 4 Fat Loss Techniques To Blast Away That Belly Fat

How To Lose Belly Fat: A Lifestyle Primer

It doesn’t matter if we’re 16 or 60, we never stop wanting to look our best, and a little extra weight around the stomach can really affect our self-confidence and overall life satisfaction. 

These days, it’s so easy to put on weight; most of us work in sedentary office jobs, and all of our food is packed with preservatives, salt, and excess sugar. Staying trim and healthy is a constant uphill battle in the modern world.

But there are always options. That little extra fat on your waistline is not so difficult to get rid of as you might think. You might think your body’s working against you, but by leading the right lifestyle you can flip the script and start making it work for you instead. 

Lose Fat Fast: Understanding The Different Types Of Fat

It’s important to understand that not all fat is made equal. There are two different kinds of fat that are present in your body.

  • Brown fat is a highly insulant fat that’s rich in iron-bearing mitochondria. It burns calories to produce warmth and is most common in infants. You could typically describe this fat as good fat.
  • White fat is the classic type of fat that comes to mind when we say the word fat. It serves as a store of energy for the body to use. It’s an insulator, keeping you warm, and it also cushions both your internal organs and your body in general. It even serves as part of your endocrine system. Although it does provide some benefits, this is the stuff we want to reduce; this is the bad fat.

These fats are stored in three different ways throughout the body.

  • Essential fat is stored in the brain, bone marrow, and nerves, and it plays a large part in regulating the hormones that control bodily processes like fertility, temperature regulation, and more.
  • Subcutaneous fat is stored right underneath the skin. Most body fat is subcutaneous, and it largely serves as part of the skin. Most of the functions of white fat are from subcutaneous fat. While excess subcutaneous fat is a concern, it’s not as much a concern as the next type of fat.
  • Visceral fat is white fat stored in the abdomen and around your internal organs: the heart, intestines, liver, kidneys, and so on. Too much visceral fat is a risk factor for various conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and some forms of cancer. This is our main concern, but thankfully, it’s very responsive to lifestyle changes.

 fats are stored in body

How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

The problem isn’t with fat itself; it’s with carrying too much fat that you don’t need. A healthy person of normal weight should carry a percentage of that weight in fat. Specifically, from 15% to 25% for men, 15% to 30% for women. 

So obviously the methods of how to lose belly fat for men are going to be a little different than how to lose belly fat for women. Men should be focusing more on strength training and exercise to lose belly fat and women should be focusing on diet and cardio. Below, we’ll show a few ways about how to reduce body fat.


Losing Fat By Changing Your Diet

If you exceed your prescribed intake of calories per day, then you gain fat, it’s that simple. So one easy solution to excess body fat is to cut back on what you’re eating. But that doesn’t mean you can live on Spam alone. Here’s an overview of what you should drop from your menu and what you should get more of.

  • Avoid trans fats. These may also be listed as partially hydrogenated fats, and studies have linked them to heart disease, inflammation, and especially weight gain around the belly. Cutting them out will be good for your health in general.
  • Cut back on alcohol. You don’t have to give it up entirely, as alcohol does have benefits in small amounts, but limiting your alcohol intake helps. In fact, a study shows that drinking a little every day has a smaller impact on your belly fat, compared to drinking a lot every couple of nights.

Changing Your Diet

  • Reduce your sugar intake. In every form it takes, even the healthier sugars like natural honey. Too much sugar is a major cause of weight gain, usually in the form of increased abdominal fat.
  • Reduce your carbohydrate intake. This especially applies to refined carbs; you can simply replace the refined carbs you’re already eating with whole carbs, like the ones from whole grains, legumes, and vegetables.
  • Eat more protein. Especially lean protein from fish, eggs, lean beef, chicken, turkey, and dairy products. It’ll also let you keep muscle mass while you get rid of belly fat.
  • More whole foods, less processed foods. That means dropping everything with preservatives. The fewer unnecessary ingredients in a dish, the better.

Losing Fat By Changing Your Diet

Losing Fat Through Exercise

Diet works, but it’s not the only thing you can do. Since fat is built by exceeding your caloric requirements, you can also increase those requirements by taking on a more active lifestyle. Doing more physical activity means burning up more calories, leaving less of them to hang around and become fat.

Losing Fat Through Exercise

So get some cardio in. You don’t have to become a gym rat if you can’t spare the time, but remaining physically fit is always good for the body. The frequency and duration of your exercise count more than the intensity of what you’re doing. As long as you can put in about 300 minutes of aerobic exercise per week, you’ll generally lose a good deal more weight than those who don’t exercise as much.

Note that ‘targeted’ exercises don’t work to reduce fat. A hundred sit-ups and two-hundred crunches per day will build up your abs, but it won’t burn your belly fat any faster than normal. When it comes to getting rid of fat specifically, all exercise is equal.

Losing Fat By Taking Care Of Your Mind

You’d be surprised how much your state of mind affects your body. In particular, let’s look at stress.

When you’re stressed, your body releases a hormone called cortisol. It helps you deal with stressful situations by putting your body in fight-or-flight mode. Excess cortisol increases the amount of visceral fat stored by your body, so keeping stress to a minimum also keeps your belly fat down.

Losing Fat By Taking Care Of Your Mind

So work on your stress management, in whatever form it takes. Yoga or meditation work nicely. Unplug and step away from the world—your body will thank you for it.

Fat Loss Cheat Code: Laser Fat Treatment

If you’re wondering how to lose fat, diet and exercise are fairly standard options. But what if you need a little extra help to kick your fat loss into high gear? Well, then you want to be looking at laser lipolysis.

Laser lipolysis uses an infrared laser to target the fat cells beneath the skin. The laser liquefies these fat cells, forcing them out so that they can be eliminated from the body in the same way as other bodily wastes. Too good to be true, you say? It’s a proven procedure, but it does have its ups and downs.

Fat Loss Cheat Code

Advantages Of Laser Fat Treatment:

  • It’s short. You’ll be required to take a fifteen-minute consultation, and the laser procedure itself takes only twenty-five minutes.
  • It’s painless. You’ll feel some hot and cold under the laser diodes, but nothing more than that. There’s no cutting, no injections, no need for anesthesia, no inserting of tubes like liposuction.
  • There’s no downtime. Once the procedure is done, you can go about your day just like normal.


Disadvantages Of Laser Fat Treatment:

  • It takes a while to see results. The earliest you can count on visible results is four weeks, but since fat takes time to absorb, it’s more like six to eight weeks to see any changes.
  • It can’t deal with large concentrations of fat. Laser lipolysis works better on small areas of fat as a finishing treatment for the stubborn areas that just won’t slim out no matter what you do.
  • It’s a cosmetic treatment, not a method of weight loss. A healthy lifestyle is still necessary to maintain your body after the fat is lasered out. If you don’t take care of your body, the fat will simply come back.

As we can see from the disadvantages, laser lipolysis isn’t really a magic answer to weight loss, so you’ll need to combine this with the lifestyle changes so that you can be a fit candidate for laser lipo.


Putting It All Together

The reality is that we live in a world of instant gratification. We want the best, and we want it now! Unfortunately, when it comes to weight-loss, a slow methodical plan is often many times more effective than a quick fix.

If you’re wondering how to lose belly fat, then you need to stack all the cards in your favor. You need to get your diet in check, you need to incorporate an exercise routine, and then you can use proven treatments like laser lipolysis to really get the engine going.

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Menopause – Signs, Causes, Risks, Precautions, Treatments


Menopause is an evitable condition exclusive to women. It is normal for us to undergo this natural experience when we reach a certain age. For Asian women, this would occur during their 45 – 55 years old.

Menopause is a condition whereby the women stopped menstruating. The end of period also means that our reproductive days are over. During this period, we will experience some changes in our body.

Changes such as what? Read below to find out more.


Women may experience different symptoms of menopause. As the amount of estrogen in your body lessen, your body will experience some changes.

Here are some of the most common signs leading up to menopause:

Change in period

Change in period

Your period may come closer together, more bleeding or last more than a week than usual period.

Vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness

Due to the lack of reproductive hormones, your vagina will not secrete the same amount of vaginal fluids as it used to. This may cause some discomfort during sex.

Hot flashes

Hot flashes

Most women in menopause experiences hot flashes. It is a sudden feeling of heat in your body. It may happen several times a week, for about 30 seconds to 10 minutes.

Mood changes

Mood changes

You may experience mood change during the menopausal period. Scientists do not have a conclusive answer why this happens. The hypothesis ranges from the hormonal changes to the depression and stress for going through the process.

(hypothalamus) overreacted


Just like hot flashes, you may also experience sudden chills. This is caused by the hormonal havoc in your body. When your estrogen level drops, the part of your brain that is responsible in regulating your temperature (hypothalamus) overreacted. It caused your body to ‘think that it is hot’, therefore lowering down your temperature significantly.

Night sweats

Sweating at night is also one of the sign of menopause. Your body will detect that the body is hot, it needs to perspire.

Sleep problems

Sleep problems

Most women experience hardness to sleep at night. This is again, due to the storm of estrogen in your body.

Weight gain, slowed metabolism

Weight gain, slowed metabolism

As your hormonal level changes, your metabolism will start to slow down. This affects how your body processes the food intake. When your metabolism is high, it is able to process food into energy more efficiently. However, as your metabolism slows down, it turns most of what you eat into fat.

Thinning hair and dry skin

Thinning hair and dry skin

Menopause coupled with aging, will cause your hair to drop. This is due to the fact that hair strength lowers down with age.



Naturally, we women are born with a certain number of eggs. These eggs are stored in our ovaries, which controls the regulation and hormonal changes in our body. Menopause happens as the eggs finished and the ovaries are no longer capable to release eggs, causing the menstruation to stop.

However, in some cases women may experience menopause in earlier stage.


Hysterectomy that involves the total removal of uterus and ovaries may make your body to experience menopause sooner. This happens because the ovaries are no longer there to regulate your estrogen production.

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy

Chemotherapy are known to disturb body’s natural hormone production. Women who had to undergo chemotherapy may have menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes. Please note that although you may experience menopausal symptoms, infertility is not permanent. You are recommended to maintain usual birth control measures.

Primary ovarian insufficiency

Some women do experience early menopause (before 40) due to the lack of reproductive hormones produced by the body. However, the number is very less – about 1% of women. To help reduce the risks, we’d recommend hormone therapy to help your body to produce more of the necessary hormones.



Heart Disease

The chances of you getting heart disease is higher after you reach menopause. Menopausal women are more likely to get heart disease than men. The drop of estrogen level has been linked to irregular heart beat. As a woman in menopause, it is highly recommended to seek professional help if you experience a series of sudden increased heart rate.


Besides heart disease, menopause may also increase the risk of having osteoporosis. Estrogen, the female reproductive hormone is important in producing new bone cells. Without it, our body could not produce enough new bone cells. This will then weaken our bones from within. As a result from osteoporosis, our bones will break easier, and our joints lose its collagen.

Urinary problems

Involuntary, occasional release of urine is common among menopausal women. It is caused when the vaginal tissues and lining of the urethra thin out and lose elasticity. Besides the sudden release, most women also complaint that they have a stinging sensation when peeing.



Consume more Calcium and Vitamin D

One of the most important thing about menopause is how we lose our bone density and our skin starts to pigment. By consuming more food containing calcium, you can reduce the risks of osteoporosis. Vitamin D can help protect your skin against sunlight’s harmful UV rays.

Achieve and maintain a healthy diet

Gaining weight during menopause is very normal. This is an effect of the storm of hormone changes in your body, aging and lifestyle. To maintain your current weight, it is best to keep a healthy diet and reduce your calories intake.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are powerful food component that can help reduce a number of menopausal symptoms. These include weight management, and heart diseases. Fruits and vegetables contains vitamin that would be beneficial for your body. Green leaves are also rich in calcium to help strengthening your bones.

Avoid trigger food

There are certain foods that are known to trigger common symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings. These foods are known as trigger foods. It includes caffeine, alcohol, and sugary and spicy foods. Avoiding these foods are wise to help reduce your symptoms.

Reduce refined sugar and processed food

Sugar is a dangerous substance if consumed excessively. Its oxygen breakdown can cause sharp rises and dips in your bodily functions. It will make you feel tired and irritable. A study shown that consuming high diets in refined sugar cause depression among postmenopausal women.

Processed also foods contains a lot of sugar in order to preserve its contents.

Take natural supplements

Aside from maintaining a healthy diet, taking natural supplements can also help in restoring body of the nutrients it needed. Among the common supplements recommended by doctors are phytoestrogens (to regulate bodily estrogen hormone), black cohosh (to reduce hot flashes), probiotics, and primrose oil.



Menopause is an inevitable phase for women. However, we can help reduce the symptoms with hormone replacement therapy. Hormone replacement therapy has long been used to treat menopausal symptoms and protect women’s long-term health.

The benefits of hormone therapy:

  • Reduces hot flashes
  • Reduces night sweats
  • Regulate mood swings
  • Increase vaginal moisture
  • Increase sexual drive

hormone therapy


Hormone Replacement Therapy can be obtained in any of Premier Clinic branches. Our professional doctors are certified and experienced to do these treatments. To arrange a consultation session, kindly reach out to the number below. We are available from 8am to 12 midnight daily to answer any of your inquiries.

CALL/WhatsApp: +6012-662-5552

EMAIL: contactus@premier-clinic.com

chat with us now


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How Your Friend Can Help You Get 2 FREE Procedures?

People make recommendations every day; where a good nasi lemak is, this café has great coffee, this is a good apartment to live.

What if we tell you, you can get rewarded for that?

In Premier Clinic, we value people’s recommendation and referral. To say thanks to our loyal clients, we are giving out 2 FREE PROCEDURES for every friend you introduced to us.

Referral Programme


The process is fairly easy and straightforward:

  • First, enjoy our great services and tell your friend about how we helped you tackle your problems.
  • Secondly, bring them over to us for a FREE CONSULTATION session.
  • Thirdly, enjoy 2 FREE PROCEDURES if your friend signs up for a treatment worth RM2000 or more.


refer friends treatment

You may redeem any 2 of these procedures:

  • Skin Brightening Laser Lighten your skin 2-3 tones easily!
  • Fractional Laser – Reduce age-spots,fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, uneven coloration, skin laxity, textural irregularities, dull tone instantly!
  • Hair Removal Laser Wanting to remove the thin moustache under your nose or the hair on your chinny-chin-chin? Say no more!
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – Also known as Vampire Facial, a treatment using your own blood to help repair damaged tissues!
  • Vanquish Fat Loss Kill unwanted fat easier!
  • Le Shape Slimming Remove 25% stubborn fat in just 25 minutes!
  • LED Phototherapy Let the light reactivate your collagen production and giving you a fresher, younger look!

The procedures are worth RM1500 – RM1800 respectively and we are giving it out to you as complimentary.

refer friends treatment


  • Get 2 FREE procedures when your friend spend above RM2000 for any procedure (excluding products) in their first visit
  • Redeem the free procedures within 2 months from the date your friend signed up
  • Free procedures may not be exchanged for cash or other procedures not in the list
  • Free procedures are not transferrable to other person
  • FREE Lasers & PRP are for face only
  • Slimming procedures are for 1 cycle/1 body part/ Vanquish & Le Shape is available at TTDI & Cheras branch respectively only

sharing with friends


  • We are a registered clinic under Ministry of Health (MOH). Our doctors are highly experienced and credentialed to do aesthetic treatments.
  • Our wide range of services can cater to many problems from skin disease, hair loss, slimming, skin perfection to facial sculpting.
  • We use state-of-the-art medical equipment to achieve best attainable result.
  • Our facilities are comfortable and spacious for your relaxation.
  • We offer FREE CONSULTATION and great follow-up services after the procedure was done.
  • We have 6 branches available for your convenience.
  • We offer competitive and reasonable price, custom-made according to your needs.


Kindly visit our branch or Call/Whatsapp or customer service executives in advance at 012-662-5552 or email to contactus@premier-clinic.com. We are available throughout the year, 7 days a week from 8am to 12 midnight.

Our branches are places strategically for your convenience at  PuchongMont KiaraKL City (Megan Avenue 1)BangsarCheras and TTDI.

The promotion is ongoing without expiry date. You and your friend may come anytime to do the treatment.

Kindly visit us for more information in regards of our services.

chat with us now

Premier Clinic


I know my friend have always been on a lookout to solutions for her wrinkles. As a lady of a certain age, she is struggling with these excess skin which is droopy and wrinkly. That’s when I introduced her to Premier Clinic’s Facial Lift! Now she looks wayyyy younger!”

Shae E, 45

her friend, Donna done Premier Facial Lift on 27
May 2019 in Premier Clinic Bangsar

I am forever grateful for my friend who introduced me to this clinic. I’ve tried several ‘treatments’ before, claiming to be able to make my penis bigger. But the result are more disappointing than me to my parents. After I tried this Premier Penis Enlargement, it is the first time I feel satisfied.”

Mr. Bala, 48

done Premier Penis Enlargement in Premier Clinic KL City on 10
December 2018

I’ve been a loyal customer to Premier Clinic, and when they announced that they offer free procedures for introduction, I am so happy! I know I needed to send my husband there. His snoring was so loud sometimes I can’t even sleep the whole day. Secretly, I am grateful of the day he went outstation. Now his sleep quality (and mine) improved immensely. What more, I get FREE PROCEDURES in return. Thanks again Premier Clinic for helping us live a better life!”

Normah Daud, 32

husband did Premier Laser Snoring at TTDI Branch in 16
April 2018

“I’ve been looking to have a slimmer jawline for so long. My sister, Janine introduced me to Premier Clinic. I’ve tried several treatments but none of them works like Premier Chin Sculpturing. My husband said I look way younger and slimmer now. Thanks Premier Clinic!”

Miss. J, 34

done Premier Chin Sculpturing in Premier Clinic Bangsar on 17 April 2019

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Quick Slim Promo

Quick Slim, Super Easy Fat Burning Plan!


Our new fat loss plan works to give you an extra kickstart on your fat loss journey. QUICK SLIM include 7 sessions of MESOLIPO FAT MELTING INJECTION and 7 sessions of SHOCKWAVE THERAPY.

Quick Slim can be used in 6 different body parts for 6 different problems:

  • Reduce love handles
  • Reduce belly fat
  • Reduce chubby cheeks
  • Remove double chin
  • Tighten flabby underarm
  • Reshape body


All these are achievable with a mere price of RM3800 (Normal price: RM5600). You can save RM1800 for these procedures compared to our normal days.

The promotion is valid until 30th September 2019 in all of our branches.

  • NO GYM

To arrange a FREE CONSULTATION with our doctors, kindly reach out to our friendly customer service representatives at:

Whatsapp: +60-12-662 5552
Call: +6012-662-5552
Email: contactus@premier-clinic.com

Go on, call us now. We want you to be slimmer and healthier too.

chat with us now


Fat deposits are caused by enlarged fat cells. Throughout our lives, we maintain the same number of fat cells. Very rarely do the fat cells divide and reproduce. However, they can expand and contract like other body cells. The fat cells absorbed unused excess energy and store it when it’s needed.

Fats around the thigh, belly and buttock are also known as subcutaneous fat. They are harder to get rid off, no matter how much you work out. Thus, this Quick Slim solution can really help you shake off the excess fat.



Mesolipo injection contains natural vitamins, hormones, plant extract and enzymes. The solution will help break down the fat into smaller particles. These destroyed fat cells will then absorbed by our body’s natural metabolism process.

The injection is quick, with no pain, no side effects and no downtime. The whole process takes about 5 minutes to complete. You can even do this as a lunchtime procedure.

fat meting injection



Meanwhile, shockwave sends energetic, acoustic waves to the target area. It will destroy fat cells throughout the process, and induce the skin to excrete more collagen. The increased amount of collagen will make your skin tighter while you lose weight. So, you will not have the flabby, saggy, excess skin after your fat loss journey.

Shockwave Therapy for Cellulite Removal

Patient Story – Cellulite Removal


Anybody who’d like to lose fat in targeted areas would be suitable for this treatment.


  • Recontoured body
  • Inch loss
  • More V-shape face
  • Reduced cellulites
  • Tighten loose skin
  • Faded wrinkles and lines
  • Improved skin texture
  • Firmer body
  • Visible fat loss
  • Face lifting

quick slim



You may reach out to our friendly customer service at +6012-662-5552 (Whatsapp/Call) or email us at contactus@premier-clinic.com to make an appointment for the promo. Alternatively, you can also pay us a visit in any of our 6 branches closest to you.

chat with us now

We are available in PuchongMont KiaraKL CityBangsarCheras and TTDI.


“I did Fat Mesolipo Injection to reduce my double chin. I met with Dr Foo, and he assured me that my chubby chin will disappear after 2 weeks. 2 weeks after that, Voilla! It slowly diminished and now gone already. Really recommended.”

Roki, 32
done Mesolipo Fat Injection in Premier Clinic Mont Kiara on 23rd February 2019.

“I had to wait about 10 minutes before meeting the doctor. I did Fat Meso on my thigh area to get rid of the cellulites. The injection itself is ok. Not painful. My cellulites reduced very much after the treatments. Love it.”

Maria F, 28
done Mesolipo Fat Injection in Premier Clinic Bangsar on 18th March 2019.

“I have tried many treatments to lose this stubborn fat but none of them works as miraculously as Meso Lipo at Premier Clinic.”

Elvin Chan
done Mesolipo Fat Injection in Premier Clinic Puchong on 8th March 2019.

“I’ve always had issues with my chubby cheeks. No matter how much I work out and slim down, my cheeks just can’t slim down. Luckily my friends introduced me to Premier Clinic. Dr Joycelyn and her team took a really good care of me.”

done Mesolipo Fat Injection and Shockwave Therapy in Premier Clinic Cheras on 2nd April 2019.

Quick Slim Promo

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Mega Laser Sale Promo

Feel Forever 21! Buy 2 Free 1 For All Laser Procedures


Have you heard?


Buy 2 laser procedures and get 1 for FREE!

Our lasers just won 3 awards in Harper’s Bazaar Aesthetic Awards 2019 and this is the time you can get more with spending less. Our wide range of deep tissue lasers can help with your problems from the head to the toe!



Deep tissue lasers go deep into the dermis layers of the skin to strengthen skin tissues or help diminish blemishes.


To simplify, laser works in 3 different ways, although most of the time, simultaneously:

Clear up skin blemishes

Clear Up Skin Blemishes

By penetrating deep into the layers of the skin, laser destroys hyperpigmented skin cells that causes age spots, sun spots or freckles. This also include flat acne scars, depressed acne scars or dull skin.

Laser brings out a better complexion of your skin, making you look brighter, and younger.

skin Tightening

Skin Tightening

Laser are also known for its ability to boost collagen production within skin. It effectively disrupts normal collagen production and create micro-tears in the skin tissue. This will force the skin to double up its collagen production to help repair the tears.

By the increase of collagen amount, it strengthens the tissue bond. Over time, it helps the skin to tighten, reducing wrinkles or fine lines.

This process can also help people who are having snoring (apnea) or loose vagina problems.

Removing unwanted hair

Removing Unwanted Hair

Our Fotona and Gentle YAG lasers help to weaken the structure of hair root (follicle). Different from Intense Pulse Light (IPL), our lasers are easier to manage and do not leave potential burning like IPL. Gradual process can result in permanent hair removal, without any hassle to shave or wax!


Depending on the types of lasers you choose, you can expect:

  • Improved skin laxity
  • Improved skin brightness
  • Improved skin texture
  • Improved skin tones
  • Increase collagen production
  • Tighten, lifting and volumise the skin
  • Reduced wrinkles, fine lines and folds
  • Reduced the appearance of acne scars
  • Resurfaced skin especially for depressed scars
  • Reduced acne breakouts and pimples
  • Reduced pigmentation (age spots, old spots, sun spots)


pico laser Before After

pico laser Before Afterpico laser Before After


laser hair removal Before After laser hair removal Before After 01 laser hair removal Before After

Mega Laser Sale Promo


You may ontact us through Whatsapp/Call at +6012-662-5552 or email at contactus@premier-clinic.com . Our customer service are available from 8am to 12 midnight DAILY, 365 days a year. You may address any inquiries or problem and they will try their level best to assist you.

If you’d like to meet up with our doctors, kindly arrange a FREE CONSULTATION with our customer service. Alternatively, you may visit any of our 6 branches, though an arranged session is more preferred.

We are available in Puchong, Mont Kiara, KL City, Bangsar, Cheras and TTDI.

chat with us now


“I tried the Q-Switch Laser for my acne scar. Had to wait 10 minutes to see the doctor. But once in the room I was treated well. The result is incredible. My acne scar is significantly reduced.”

Ina Naim, 39

Skin Perfection Laser performed on 8th March 2019 in Cheras branch.

“Saya try Laser untuk ketatkan balik pernakan saya. Alhamdulillah memang berkesan. Treatment tak sakit pun, dan saya rasa lebih seronok bila bersama suami.”

SS, 29
Vaginal Tightening Laser performed on 21th February 2019 in TTDI branch.

Premier Clinic team is excellent in service especially Dr Joycelyn and her staffs! They treated me well and I’m impressed with the result. My birthmark now is slowly fading. I feel more confident to walk out in public!”

Angela Chong
done Birthmark Laser Removal and PRP on 2nd March 2019 in Premier Clinic Bangsar.

Eversince I get married to my wife, she complained that my sleep apnea bothers her. After 2nd sessions with the laser, my snoring reduces and my wife could have a better sleep now. She also smiles a lot this lately.”

Mohd, 32
done Snoring Laser on 16th March 2019 in Premier Clinic Mont Kiara.

Mega Laser Sale Promo

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Advance Derma Pen Promo

Write Off Skin Imperfections With Derma Pen

In case you haven’t heard, we have just opened our Cheras branch. We are all excited to welcome you to our new branch in Cheras. To invite you in, we are giving out FIRST TRIAL PROMO for our Advanced Anti-Aging Skin Needling treatment with price only RM288.

This skin needling technique is utilising Advanced Dermapen to increase your collagen production. As a result, you’ll have younger, tighter, lifted skin in no time. Free your skin from pigmentation, acne scars or other skin impurities with Advanced Dermapen.

Combine this treatment with vita serum or Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) to get the best for your skin!

Vita Serum nourishes the skin with clinically proven super plant ingredients and full spectrum antioxidants. The synergistically complete serum increases collagen production, diminishes spots, freckles, hyperpigmentation, and sun damage.


PRP is a revolutionary skin rejuvenation treatment to repair your damaged skin tissues using the healing properties of your own blood. It helps to boost the effects of dermapen by encouraging the skin to secrete more collagen.

Advance Anti Aging Promo website


Advanced Dermapen + Vita Serum = RM288 (N/P: RM830)

Advanced Dermapen + PRP = RM388 (N/P: RM2450)

The procedures are safe, without pain and without side effects. You may get the promo in our Cheras branch from now until 30th September 2019. To arrange for your visit to our clinic, kindly make an appointment through Whatsapp/Call (+6012-662-5552) or email (contactus@premier-clinic.com)

chat with us now



Dermapen is a microneedling technique using a special pen-like device to create micro-tear in your skin. The micro-tear will stimulate your skin to produce collagen in a large amount to repair the damage. The collagen boost will help repair any damaged skin tissue there is – even not caused by dermapen.

The collagen will help cover the open wounds. Usually, the newly improved skin is much better than the one previously. Besides that, the collagen boost also increases the skin’s laxity, reducing wrinkles and fine lines.



Dermapen’s target result is to improve the appearance of the skin. Dermapen can help:

  • Reduce wrinkles, fine lines and folds
  • Reduce the appearance of acne scars
  • Resurface skin especially for depressed scars
  • Reduce acne breakouts and pimples
  • Reduce pigmentation (age spots, old spots, sun spots)
  • Improve skin laxity
  • Improve skin brightness
  • Improve skin texture
  • Improve skin tones


The procedure is suitable for everyone. Dermapen is a rather simple procedure. It is a slightly minimally invasive procedure, so it doesn’t pose no harm to anyone. However, if you have any active wounds on the place you’d like to do the treatment, kindly advise the doctor befre doing the procedure.

If you have acne breakouts, uneven skin texture or visible acne scars, dermapen is maybe something you could consider.

Advance Derma Pen Promo





“I tried the face treatment on Saturday. Had to wait 10 minutes to see the doctor. But once in the room I was treated well. Overall, worth it, value for money.”

Erin Lim, 39
Dermapen performed on 8th March 2019 in Cheras branch.

“Saya cuba Dermapen, at first tak rasa perubahan sangat. Tapi bila balik office, my colleagues puji kata muka glowing, dah tak kusam. Tak sangka treatment sekejap je tapi effect dia instant! Now dah 2 bulan, I can see clearly my face memang tak de pores besar macam dulu. “

Sara Shahir, 29
Dermapen performed on 21th February 2019 in Cheras branch.

Premier Clinic team is excellent in service especially Dr Joycelyn and her staffs! I had trouble finding parking for my car but they gave me a private parking. I went there for the combination of Dermapen and PRP and very satisfied with the result. My colleagues said I am at least 10 years younger!”

Jessica Chong
done Dermapen and PRP on 2nd March 2019 in Premier Clinic Cheras.

I have had this problem since I was 18. People say I have very bad skin just because my acne scars are very large. Thanks for this treatment, I now can be very confident. Would recommend this to anyone especially my family and friend.”

Amanda Mohd
done Dermapen and Vita Serum on 16th March 2019 in Premier Clinic Cheras.

Advance Derma Pen Promo

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Vitamin E

How Does Vitamin E Whiten Your Skin?

Skin whitening is not just a fad as many individuals these days are on the lookout for such treatments to address this issue, be it for personal or professional reasons. In general, most people looking to lighten their skin tone tend to opt for skin whitening supplements as it’s the easiest method to address the issue. However, there are other procedures that actually deliver more optimal results such as vitamin E therapy. Vitamin E actually has many benefits for skin aside from just skin whitening, and the glutathione therapy can help to increase the amount of this nutrient in your skin.

How does glutathione therapy work?

Glutathione therapy is a very popular method used to help your body kick start the skin whitening process. It acts as a strong anti-oxidant that is not friendly to melanocytes – this results in the reduction of melanin production in your skin, leading to a reduction in skin pigmentation.

Administered or taken orally, glutathione therapy will help to catalyse the skin whitening procedure, while also neutralising other free radicals. This occurs when the glutathione latches itself onto harmful substances found in your body, which is then naturally removed by your body through bile or urine. The end result is an overall detoxification of your body, which leads to improved health and delayed aging that is reflected through your skin’s lighter tone.

Another key benefit of glutathione is that it helps to regenerate other important antioxidants that are needed for your body to function, including vitamin E. This ensures that your body will function better and your overall health will be improved. Glutathione also keeps your white blood cells well protected and helps to detoxify your liver by eliminating toxic materials like pollutants, heavy metals and other foreign particles. Its presence also gives your immune system a boost, improving your overall health as mentioned earlier.

Your improved skin will also reflect your general health, as glutathione will also help with the reduction of acne. However, it may not be suitable for treating acne caused by hormone imbalances as it does not affect hormone levels in your body.

Is this for me?

At Premier Clinic, our highly experienced and friendly team of doctors will be more than happy to sit down with you during a complimentary consultation session to discuss how to whiten your skin. Vitamin E or glutathione therapy can have many benefits for you, and it is best to come in to speak to us directly in order to get a thorough understanding of the glutathione skin whitening procedure. Currently, there are no known serious side effects as a result of vitamin E or glutathione therapy. You will only experience minor skin bruising, which should subside after a few hours.

In addition, our doctors will help you gauge how effective vitamin E or glutathione therapy will be for your particular situation, as well as discussing other aspects such as the recovery period and how long it may take before results are noticeable. All this information will be able to help you decide if skin whitening treatments are suitable for you, with all the facts laid out before you.

If you would like to know more about glutathione therapy and vitamin E benefits for skin or other skin whitening supplements available at Premier Clinic, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 012-662 5552 to schedule a free consultation session. Alternatively, you may email us at contactus@premier-clinic.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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MedSpa Fruit Facial Promo

Get Fruity For Your Beauty


Fruits are delicious. If we can agree on that, we can agree on the next thing we’re going to tell you. Fruits contain a lot (plentiful) of anti-aging elements that helps in fighting off wrinkles, folds, saggy skin, and lines.
We are giving out FIRST TRIAL PROMO for FRUIT FACIAL in Premier MedSpa Cheras.


Pumpkin contains high concentration of Vitamin A, beta-carotene, Potassium and Zinc to help moisturize your skin. It also contains natural pumpkin pulp that help in regeneration of cells to fight off aging process and speed up healing. Natural pumpkin enzymes and hydroxyl acids help to exfoliate the skin.


APPLE PEEL RM188 (N/P: RM288):

1 apple a day, keeps doctors away! – the saying is right for many good reasons an apple have. Apples are known for its vitamin A, B and C high contents, equipped with malic acid that helps the skin absorb them. Their alpha-hydroxyl acids exfoliate the skin and help to lightens the skin color. It helps to reduce the appearance of acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles.

MedSpa GET FRUITY Promo website


If you have any of these traits, you might want to consider Fruit Facial:

  • Hyperpigmented skin
  • Dehydrated or Dull skin
  • Acne-prone skin
  • Aging skin
  • Dark Circles
  • Sun Spots
  • Age Spots
  • Skin that are sensitive to other treatments

Get Fruity For Your Beauty

Fruit Facial


  • Improved skin laxity
  • Improved skin brightness
  • Improved skin texture
  • Improved skin tones
  • Reduced wrinkles, fine lines and folds
  • Reduced the appearance of acne scars
  • Resurfaced skin especially for depressed scars
  • Reduced acne breakouts and pimples
  • Reduced pigmentation (age spots, old spots, sun spots)


Microdermabrasion before after

ED PHOTOTHERAPY before after


To get the promotion, you may contact our friendly customer service representatives at +6012-662-5552 (Whatsapp/Call) or email us at contactus@premier-medspa.com . Once we managed to slot in an appointment, you may visit our branch in Cheras to do the facials.



“I first heard about this facial from a friend. She tried it once and very impressed with the result. I thought – Oh her skin is already good, maybe it works only for her. But my result told me otherwise. My acne has reduced a lot since my first time. My skin also feels tighter now.”

Mariah Lee, 39
Apple Facial performed on 8th March 2019 in Cheras branch.

“I like the fruit smell. Very calming and relaxing. The facial itself is very good. I used to have terrible sun spots on my face. I can see them reducing little by little now.”

J. Ong, 34
done Apple Peel at Premier MedSpa Cheras on 14th May 2019.

“The facial is very nice. I like the treatments by the staffs. Very professionals. My acne and scars has reduced significantly after the first session.”

Vivian L. 25
done Pumpkin Peel at Premier MedSpa Cheras on 3rd June 2019.

“I have uneven skin tones especially around my neck and cheeks. After the Apple Peel, it is improving slowly. I have now signed up to 2 sessions monthly so I can see better result before my wedding.”

Haryani Ari, 29
done Apple Peel at Premier MedSpa Cheras on 10th June 2019.

MedSpa Fruit Facial Promo Ad no text

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Premier Clinic Join The Vista Eyecarnivol

Special Offers in Vista Eye Specialist Carnival 2019

Good news, folk! Premier Clinic will be opening 2 booths in Vista Eye Specialist Carnival 2019 to spread more joy and happiness. The event will be held in The Curve, Petaling Jaya from 28 – 30 June 2019, from 9am to 5pm. Head down and visit our booth for more exciting activities!

We’ll be having a LUCKY DRAW with WORTH OF RM18,888 prizes to be won!

We’ll also be doing a 3-DAYS ONLY SALES on 2 of our BEST SELLING PROCEDURES. First, we have NON-SURGICAL BROW LIFT to help reduce all the wrinkles and lines on your eyes area. Promotional price is RM 1800 ONLY! (Normal Price: RM6000).

Besides that, we also have PRP FOR HAIR & KNEE for only RM999. Our normal price is RM2500, so you can save RM1501 by purchasing our promotion. This promotion is only valid by purchasing in Premier Clinic booth at Vista Eye Specialist Carnival. So, don’t miss this golden opportunity to get this attractive price!




Our non-surgical brow lift also known by Ultherapy, which is a skin tightening technique by using High Intensity Frequency Ultrasound. As we grow older, our skin began to sag due to the lack of collagen. This will cause wrinkles, folds and fine lines to appear especially around our eyes area. Unfortunately, this often give us an older look than our actual age.

Ultherapy stimulates collagen production within the dermis layer of the skin. As the skin produces more collagen, it strengthens the bonds between skin tissues, thus increase its laxity. This reduces any wrinkles and fine lines at the eye area. Thus, making you look 10 years younger than before!

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is a self-rejuvenation technique utilising the healing properties of our own blood. PRP was previously used to speed up injury healing amongst the athletes. Recently, dermatologists and aestheticians found that it is also useful to promote hair growth and repair damaged tissues in the knee.


Ultherapy and PRP are beneficial not only for your skin but also other parts of your body.

Benefits of Ultherapy:

  • Tightens skin
  • Lifting skin
  • Increases skin laxity & elasticity
  • Improves skin tones
  • Improves skin texture
  • Brightens skin
  • Restores skin youthful appearance
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Reduces fine lines
  • Reduces pore sizes

Real Patient Testimonial: Ultherapy Skin Tightening

An anti-aging method your dermatologists wouldn’t tell you!

Wrinkly, saggy skin no more!

Benefits of PRP (Hair & Knee):

  • Repairs injury to the blood vessels or nerves
  • Reduces infections
  • Reduces calcification
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Promotes new follicle growth
  • Increases hair liveability
  • Repairs damages at the knee tissues
  • Increase collagen production at the knees
  • Reduces discomfort at the knee
  • Strengthens the cartilage

Cellular Matrix PRP – Treatment for Knee Injury

Best Solution for Knee Pain

Knee Rejuvenation for knee pain and knee disorders


As both of these procedures are non-surgical, there are less risks associated with them. There are no side effects of the procedures. Ultherapy is a non-invasive procedure, without any needles or surgery. It is only used by high intensity radio frequency above the skin.

PRP is also a non-threatening procedure as it uses your own blood as the growth factor. There are no real risks associated with PRP treatment so far. There are several cases where the negligence and hygiene issues are highlighted. But, PRP itself is a safe, and practical procedure to be done.


Unfortunately, this promo is only available in Vista Eye Specialist Carnival that will be happening this 28 – 30 June 2019 in The Curve. We’ll be available at the booth for you to purchase this promo packages from 9am to 5pm.

The packages are valid for 3 months after the purchase date.



My mom have severe osteo-arthritis, so you can imagine how painful it is for her to walk. After 3 sessions with PRP knee, my mom can walk now. Still have some discomfort sometimes, but it’s way better than before.”

Suzy, 24
mother did PRP knee in Premier Clinic Puchong.

I used to have sagging skin. It causes wrinkles and folds to form around my eyes area. I see immediate result after 2 weeks of Ultherapy. My husband says I look at least 10 years younger after the wrinkles and sagging skin gone.”

Elena M, 38
done Ultherapy brow lift at Premier Clinic Bangsar on 30
th April 2019.

When they say PRP can help with hair loss, I have to admit I was a bit sceptical. But my wife pushed me to go for it. It’s now 2 months I can say my wife is never wrong! My hair loss is getting reduced, and my hair also grow more than before.”

John Smith, 40
done PRP Hair at Premier Clinic Mont Kiara on 13
th February 2019.

Ultherapy helps me to reduce wrinkles and lines on my eye areas. I used to have very visible crows feet and wrinkle in between my eye brow. People always mistaken me for looking ‘angry’ or ‘confused’. After the second month, my frown lines are completely gone, and my crows feet are getting smaller. I absolutely love the result and will recommend anyone to go for it!.”

Alyssa J, 35
done Ultherapy Brow Lift on 23
rd February 2019 in Premier Clinic TTDI.

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