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Aesthetic Treatments to Attain Desired Perfection in Beauty

Beauty Aesthetic Interview

Dr. Michelle Lai with Malaysian World News on beauty tips for Asian women. Check this video out to hear in details by yourself on some beauty tips especially for Asian women.


(Source: malaysiaworldnews.com)

Interview Transcript:

Hi, Dr. Michelle Lai from Premier Clinic. I have been working over the past few years in this field, six to seven years and almost eight years already. In our Premier Clinic, we offer non-invasive aesthetic procedures which it is recommended for all men and women.


Botox to remove wrinkles and fine lines

It depends on ages & what we do, most of the Asian people are more concern in their outlook beauty especially those that with wrinkles, fine ones that you can get at a very young age or those with crow’s feet. So, when it happens, what we usually offer is very general Botox. Usually, Botox can temporarily stop the movement of muscles. After you Botox these areas, when you smile, you can’t see any fine lines here. Or sometimes when you do Botox over the forehead, when you lift up, it’s very minimal, and the movement of muscles can be stopped for the time being. It can lighten the wrinkles.


Fillers for Cheek & Nose

Some people when they want to improve for more areas especially middle-aged individuals who passed 30 years old, they prefer more volume over the cheek area, because the volume lost previously. So, what we will offer them is the filler. When we try to inject here, it can volumise the cheek for make them look younger. Sometimes for Asians, the primary concern is their nose where they feel their nose is not so high or wants to have a 3D look, we can do a filler on the nose. We enhance the nose for those Asian Chinese people who commonly have a very flat nose.


Dark Spots / Hyperpigmentation Treatment

As Asians, our concerns are always the outlook appearance especially our skin. Asian people are very prone to get hyperpigmentation; those are skin pigments such as Melasma, derma-pigments or maybe freckles. So, in this kind of situations, after patient consultation, we maybe can offer a few choices for them to cure the pigment. First thing, we can do the laser, as you know q-switch lasers are very well known to reduce pigment.  We also can offer chemical peeling to peel off the surface of the skin for the pigmentations, or we recommend injecting some stem cells to cure the pigmentations. Sometimes when the patients have a very dehydrated or dry skin, we will offer them skin booster to inject into the surface of the skin to give more hydrations. When the skin is very dry, they are prone to get damaged and get hyperpigmentation as well.


Fillers for Chin and Jaw

When you have a small jaw or the chin is very short where it looks like almost no chin, you inject the filler here, make the chin more elongated and has volume. It is to give the appearance of a longer chin and a sharper face. We inject on the top of the bone to provide you with the volumisation and elongation of the chin.


Hair Loss Treatment | Hair Transplant

Causes of people losing hair that maybe due to stress, women hormonal imbalance or ageing patients who are facing menopause or diseases such as thyroid problems, women who lost their hair after baby deliveries. Each treatment for each patient is different. So commonly when we do a hair treatment for patients, we do offer injections on the scalp area. What we can do is we can inject some hair stem cell, Mesotherapy and PRP as well. When women are having more hair loss such as female pattern hair loss, in future we can offer hair transplant. At the same time, patients need to get hair growth shampoo, take some supplement or hair growth products as the full package of maintenance which is very important.

I can’t say it can be a 100% success, as long as we can achieve till 80 -90% for the hair loss patients, they will be grateful. Women patients who have a hormone imbalance, first, they need to treat the hormones as well. The success rate is not so good if only treating the hair loss, without addressing the hormone issue.


How much for a filler injection?

Usually, the dermal filler that is used for voluminisation and enhancement such as chin will depend on how many syringes you need. In the market, it will range from RM1800 to RM2500 and that depends on which type of fillers you use.

——— Interview End ————-

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